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Grand Rounds: Dissecting Grey's Anatomy: Not Responsible

This week on Grey's Anatomy: problem storylines galore! Pregnancies, relationships, everyone telling everyone else what to do, and not a whole lot of anyone listening to anyone else. Grey's wants to set us up for sweeps with a bang, apparently, and we've got a lot of thoughts about it after the jump.

Read My Bitch: Jennifer K. Stuller Reads "The Buffy Effect"

Jennifer K. Stuller isn't your average Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan--she's a charter associate member of the Whedon Studies Association. In this episode of Read My Bitch, the podcast for Bitch magazine fans to read out loud a favorite article from the archives, Stuller revisits Rachel Fudge's article "The Buffy Effect: or, a Tale of Cleavage and Marketing," which was published in 1999...

On Our Radar

Need some awesome links to start your weekend? Thought so!

  • First, the great news, in case you didn't hear: Obama declared DOMA unconstitutional!
  • Feministe links to the full list of events for the Walk for Choice. Mark your calendars for Saturday! At Feministing, Ann Friedman talks about her experience on MSNBC talking about Planned Parenthood and points to ways to speak...

Race Card: Anti-Abortion Billboards Target Black Women

There's been an uproar in New York all this week about an anti-abortion billboard in Soho. The billboard featured a little black girl with the message, "The most dangerous place for an African American is in the womb." Launched by anti-abortion group Life Always, the billboard served as a controversial way to bring attention to the fact that black women have a disproportionately high abortion...

The Bitch High Five: Female Characters (Fictional or Real) Whom We Miss Now That They're Gone!

Each month in our nifty newsletter (sign up on the homepage if you haven't already), we'll be polling Bitch staffers and readers on their top five in different categories and posting the polls and results on the Bitch blog. This month, it's female characters we miss now that they're gone. So c'mon, give us five!

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Do you miss these ladies as much as we do? Have...

Douchebag Decree: Phyllis Schlafly & Suzanne Venker: The Flipside of Douchiness

This just in! Career antifeminists Phyllis Schlafly and Suzanne Venker blame feminism for the nation's divorce rate (among other things)! In their upcoming book The Flipside of Feminism: What Conservative Women Know—and Men Can't Say, Schlafly and Venker posit that feminists, with our love of divorce, our hatred of men, our general negativity, and our blatant duplicitousness, have...

No Kidding: Fit to be Tied? Talking with Dr. Rebecca Kluchin

Does the history of sterilization have links to modern consent forms? How has forced sterilization intersected, if at all, with the fight for women's right to be voluntarily sterilized? Rebecca M. Kluchin, Ph.D., an assistant professor in the department of history at California State University, Sacramento, and author of the book Fit to be Tied: Sterilization and Reproductive Rights in America...

BiblioBitch: A Love Story Starring My Dead Best Friend

I noticed the book immediately: a colorful, unmistakably travel-esque picture topped with a billboard that evoked both Broadway and freeway diners, staring out from a new display in my much-loved young adult section. But the best part? The display was for LGBTQ fiction.

Race Card: Beyonc

I hate to overload you with Beyoncé news, but just after I critiqued the Daily Mail op-ed accusing her of looking too white, news broke that Beyoncé donned blackface and pseudo African garb for French glossy L'Officiel. Why did Bey make this enormous misstep? According to reports, she participated in the African-themed photo shoot to pay tribute to Nigerian musician Fela Kuti.

Sex and the Fat Girl: Ask a Fat Girl

We're trying out a new feature on Sex and the Fat Girl, in which you get to ask me questions about sexuality, body image, etc. and I answer them here, in future posts. So please, let your inhibitions down, get curious, and start asking! Here's the link to the page where you can submit your questions: Ask a Fat Girl. Or, you can use the form below. I think this will be exciting, and I can't...