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Declare your independence: Why independent media matters

This is the final post in the series "Declare your independence" exploring why subscribing to Bitch is so important. This post is guest-written by Portland State media studies professor (and Bitch subscriber) Jil Freeman. Most people feel overwhelmed when they hear that six major conglomerates own 80% of the world's media products. And while I'm pretty certain that anyone of us could take...

Mad World: Can't Buy My Love Virtual Book Club

Last week, we had our first-ever Mad World Book Club meeting, and it was great! As many of you know, we discussed Jean Kilbourne's Can't Buy My Love, and everyone had lots to say about gender, persuasion, advertising, and fried dill pickle chips (we met at Bernie's Southern Bistro). However, as many of you also know, most of our readers don't live close enough to meet us in person for...

Adventures in Feministory: the Women's World Cup

Don't pack up your jerseys yet folks! Don't you put that vuvuvuvuzazula on eBay! The next World Cup is just one year away! In fact, it'll be the twentieth anniversary of the first FIFA Women's World Cup.

Political InQueery: We're Still at War

Think back just a couple of years, and you'll return to the tail end of the Bush Administration. For some, it marks the terminus of the good times: when America didn't look to allies in order to make foreign policy, when we were on the right road against "abortionists," and abstinence-only education got boatloads of money to save our children from certain sexual promiscuity and...

From the Library: Hot Pantz: Do It Yourself Gynecology

Photo: Hot Pantz: Do It Yourself Gynecology zine Hot Pantz provides readers with an understanding of anatomy, recipes to conquer yeast infections and hormonal imbalances, an extensive glossary of self-healing herbs, a list of aphrodisiacs, and it provides instructions on how to give foot massages that will alleviate cramps! I can't tell you how often I consult this zine, or how excited I've...

On Our Radar

Is it already Friday?! We're rounding up some of the most interesting things we read this week in another edition of On Our Radar.

  • Johannes Mehserle, the ex-BART officer who shot and killed Oscar Grant, has been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter. Speaker's Corner offers a succinct round up of the mainstream media's (non)coverage.
  • Tasha Fierce has a call for...

Bitchtapes: World Cup 2010

The 2010 FIFA World Cup final is this Sunday! Soccer/football and music have a long and wonderful history—championships have official songs and teams have unofficial anthems and chants, from the obvious (Queen's "We Are the Champions") to the unexpected (Rodgers and Hammerstein's "You'll Never Walk Alone"). Most of the songs here are about European teams, because I tried to choose ones that got...

The Dating Game: End Game (Or Ten Ways Not to Dump Someone)

There's nothing like trying to create a 10-point guide of how not to be a disrespectful immature jerk when dumping someone to make me think of the far more than 10 disrespectful immature jerks who have dumped me. My pain will hopefully be someone else's gain.

TelevIsm: Ableism, Appropriation, and United States of Tara

United States of Tara, a show about a woman with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), recently wrapped up its second season. I haven't yet seen it, but I thoroughly enjoyed the first season—I love Toni Collette and Diablo Cody, and there are not a ton of shows about women by women. There are even less shows set in my home state of Kansas. It's a funny, well-written, and on some levels well-...

Douchebag Decree: Mel Gibson

From his anti-Semitic attacks during his 2006 DUI arrest, his homophobic and sexist remarks in interviews, to his racist films, Mel Gibson has long deserved the honor of the Douchebag Decree. The latest allegations against Mel Gibson, though, just might push this super-douche into the hall of shame.