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BitchTapes: The I Call Your Name Edition

Let's face it. Male musicians (and some female ones) have been writing songs about their female muses ever since the first teenybopper swooned for some nerd holding a guitar. The girl's-name-for-a-title song is an important part of the pop music aesthetic, and one that I personally love. A song that is a straight-up ode to a woman I'll never meet has always held a certain mystique for me, as...


Changing the face of homelessness or just another hackneyed rags to riches tale?

Of Queers and Cowboys

Out in the Country: Youth, Media, and Queer Visibility in Rural America is a wake up call for the queer rights movement. Y'all listen good, ya hear?

The Deal With Disability: "For god's sake, treat adults like adults"


Last month, a 26-year-old woman known only on her site as Eva began posting video blogs about the way people treat her. Her reactions are displayed in the writing that accompanies the videos, there is barely any dialogue to the videos and rarely is Eva herself shown in them. Eva has Cerebral Palsy, she cannot speak and she gets around in a power wheelchair. Mounted to her wheelchair...

Page Turner: Six Questions on Comics for The Big Feminist BUT

It's the well-worn, short-yet-storied line that's become nearly cliché: "I'm not a feminist, but…"—one that's now some kind of standard midpoint in our culture's endless wrangling about the F word. Now "I'm not a feminist, but…" is being re-examined via comics in the forthcoming anthology The Big Feminist BUT, edited by Suzanne Kleid, Joan Reilly, and Shannon O'Leary. The anthology,...

Grrl on Film-Princess Synergy: Disney

The big pop culture news this week – and other than the death of Michael Jackson, likely some of the biggest pop culture news of the year so far – is thatthe Walt Disney Company has purchased comic book, film, and video game powerhouse Marvel Entertainment for $4 billion.

While I'm personally in no way rattled by the acquisition/merger, I do think that it provides some...

You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream for (Gay Marriage) Ice Cream!

As if gay marriage weren't sweet enough already, Ben & Jerry's and Freedom to Marry have teamed up to present us with Hubby Hubby, a renamed version of their popular peanut butter & pretzel-y ice cream. Check it out:

Isn't that just the sweetest thing?

Bed, Bitch & Beyond-Ex Sex: The Ultimate Recycling

In which I ponder the pleasures and perils of having sex with your ex. Does familiarity--or a breakup--breed contempt? Or are your exes a valuable resource in what my friends and I call women's "anti-celibacy campaign?"

On the Map: Ella Es El Matador

I'm vegan. I think cruelty to animals is unnecessary and unjust. I don't eat animals. I don't wear them. And I don't kill them for sport. However, Ella Es el Matador isn't a film about animal rights, and treating it as such does it an enormous injustice. I don't believe in prioritizing a conversation about cruelty enacted on bulls over one about cruelty enacted on women while discussing a...

Bad News for People Who Like Good Girls

Newsweek has a piece on their website right now entitled, "How To Get A Raise: Stop Being Good" by Jessica Bennett. In it Bennett reviews a new book, Rachel Simmons' The Curse of the Good Girl which is about how raising girls to be "good" can actually be, well, bad when it comes to their careers. The book sounds pretty great, though not necessarily surprising. (Guess what? Women are socialized...