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Revenge of the Feminerd: Counsellor Troi and Telepathic Rape

To five-year-old me, Counsellor Troi was more appealing than Disney princesses: beautiful and serene and intuitive, but also she got to go on cool missions and sit on the bridge of the Enterprise and tell the Captain the truth about his own motivations. Troi was the first action figure in my Trek collection, and when I started reading Star Trek novels in grade 6, I always went for the...

Political InQueery: Out of the Gate in an Information-Rich World

Right around the corner is the first New Hampshire debate of the 2012 presidential election. Participating are seven people—not necessarily candidates, mind you—with aspirations for the White House, if not declared campaigns. It may be an event co-sponsored by CNN, and held in the state with the first stab at primary season, but many politics watchers question whether any of the people at the...

Douchebag Decree: Sarah Palin's Selective History Tour

Maybe you've been seeing Sarah Palin in the news "news" recently? She's touring American landmarks with her family in a big ugly bus to "promote the Fundamental Restoration of America." Should you be scared that those words are capitalized? I am. One of Palin's recent stops was New York City, where in addition to dining with Donald Trump, she visited the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island....

Electro Feminisms: Wendy Carlos

A trans woman, Wendy Carlos is unfortunate in that her most famous work Switched on Bach, which sold a million records, was released in 1968—several years before she transitioned. As a result, she tends to remain in the public eye "really" a man and "really" the assigned name that appeared on her early records.

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Calling All Publishing Interns!

We've got a publishing internship opening on the business side of Bitch in early July at our Portland office and would LOVE it if you could help us spread the word (or apply)! We're accepting applications now, and will be doing interviews later this month on a rolling basis until the position is filled.

Pop Pedestal: Lafayette Reynolds

Since True Blood comes back this month, it seemed like the perfect time to dedicate a Pop Pedestal to one of Bon Temps most inspirational citizens: Lafayette Reynolds.

Monster High, Reluctantly Revisited: Kindness and Confusion

Remember our Douchebag Decree recipient, Monster High? Prepare yourselves, because things are about to get weird. Mattel has announced a partnership between Monster High and the anti-bullying Kind Campaign:

Monster High™, Mattel's popular tween and teen-targeted franchise, which encourages girls to celebrate their imperfections and embrace those of others, today announced that...

Sexual Inadequacy: t.A.T.u. and Synthetic Queerness

It is the same as when we acknowledge that the Spice Girls were a marketing tool to sell watered-down empowerment to teens that may have accidentally caused some people to believe in "Girl Power" as a personal concept and might have positively impacted their lives. I will be forever grateful for the slow sex jam "2 become 1" for reminding me to "be a little bit wiser" and "put it on,...

Bibliobitch: Unclean Jobs for Women and Girls

Alissa Nutting's Unclean Jobs for Women and Girls is a collection of bizarre and wonderful stories about the difficulty of bodies and the possibilities that arise when their inhabitants transcend them. Nutting, who is the managing editor of the awesome Fairy Tale Review, paints a series of women deviants with irresistible fairy-tale simplicity, creating loveliness and magic in some...

Revenge of the Feminerd: Libraries, Lesbrarians, Censorship, and Equality

Looking into libraries for this post I decided to talk to my former colleague Tara Robertson. In 2009 Tara put together a group called the Lesbrarians to take part in the Vancouver Dyke March. Last year they had about 35 lesbian, bisexual, and queer women who worked in libraries, archives or other information organizations, as well as writers and library lovers. We met when we both worked at...