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Douchebag Decree: Mel Gibson

From his anti-Semitic attacks during his 2006 DUI arrest, his homophobic and sexist remarks in interviews, to his racist films, Mel Gibson has long deserved the honor of the Douchebag Decree. The latest allegations against Mel Gibson, though, just might push this super-douche into the hall of shame.

Political InQueery: The Bill of Rights Strikes Back

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

So reads the text of the Tenth Amendment of the US Constitution. This week, it became a player in the push for same-sex marriage.

Snarky's Cinemachine: The Lost Boys

I will admit to being a bit lost as it relates to the Twilight phenomena. Unlike lots of folks, I have a neutral opinion on the franchise. I picked up the first book based on a friend's recommendation; she said Twilight reminded her of the work of YA lit queen Francesca Lia Block, an author I have enjoyed for nearly two decades. It turned out to be an unfair comparison; Meyer is no...

Declare Your Independence: Why Subscribing is Better than Buying at the Newsstand

We've mentioned before how Bitch Media, a nonprofit organization, nets only seven cents on each magazine bought at the newsstand. That number is no exaggeration. After we pay to print the issue, ship boxes of it out to wholesalers, pay brokerage fees, and then, finally, pay AGAIN to ship the issues that don't sell on the newsstand back to their final destination of death by recycler or waste...

The Dating Game: Say My Name

When I stopped being a "girl," and stopped dating "boys," it felt weirder and weirder to be somebody's "girlfriend" or have a "boyfriend." But, man, do people hate having to alter their vocabulary to match your relationship.

Kerbloffle: The Olivia Munn Saga

Olivia Munn In an interview with Salon, Munn says "these women [Jezebel bloggers] sit behind this very thin veil that I can see right through, this idea that 'we stand up for women.' If you stand up for women, then don't bash me." This quote reveals a strict adherence to what I'll call the Palin Feminist Fallacy: the idea that if a woman does something, it is automatically a feminist action....

Sm{art}: Happy Birthday Frida Kahlo

Andre Breton described Frida Kahlo's work as a "ribbon around a bomb." Yesterday was the Mexican surrealist painter's 103rd birthday.

B-Sides: Nona Hendryx

Image: Nona Hendryx Nona Hendryx broke into the music world as one third of legendary group Labelle. Hendryx, Patti LaBelle and Sarah Dash became known for their groundbreaking ability to make glam-funk music, as well as their larger-than-life stage shows and glittery space-aged costumes. After three gold albums and number-one hit "Lady Marmalade", the band went their separate ways, and Nona...

Political InQueery: When Local Politicians Do Bad Things

Sure, it's hard to live in the spotlight, even if it's a local spotlight, like the one we shine on mayors. I can't think of many other jobs as thankless as being mayor, because the people who fancy themselves watchdogs are really, really into it and there's not much that escapes public scrutiny, even if "public" is limited to fewer than 500,000 folks. The current mayor of Washington, DC, Adrian...

Mad World: I'm on a Motorcycle

Our very first post in this series was a discussion of the "I'm on a horse" Old Spice commercial. Some of us loved it and felt guilty about it, some of us loved it and felt great about it, and some of us just loved to hate it. Whichever camp you're in, you might be interested to know that Old Spice just released a follow up: