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Grand Rounds: Dissecting Grey's Anatomy: Prognosis

With every diagnosis comes a prognosis! We know Grey's Anatomy is back in the fall with another season, but what's going to happen, and where can the show go? The Grand Rounds crew has a few thoughts, and we bet you do too!

Fuze Wants to Be in Your Club

This commercial campaign leaves me conFUZEd. Read on for discussion of genderless fruit, fat-shaming and the marketing of rebellion.

The Long Goodbye: Oprah's Last Shows

Oprah's very last episode was a love letter to her fans; just her on her stage talking to us, her viewers. Much of it was retread: of her rise to unprecedented success and fame, and of the life lessons Oprah has learned throughout the years. But she did touch on something that hasn't always been front and center when discussing the extreme success of her long-running show: that she is...

B-Sides: New Bachelorette Record is Angelic, Electronic

Remember when I said that Bachelorette, the moniker of New Zealand's Annabel Alpers, was a band to watch? The latest full-length album from the electronic pop artist, Bachelorette, came out last week from Drag City, and I stand by my recommendation. It's a great collection of subdued electronic orchestrations beneath Alpers' ethereal, even-keeled voice.

Revenge of the Feminerd: More Feminerd Forerunners

Earlier in this series I did a post on the bluestockings and a Facebook commenter suggested I do a follow-up piece on Japanese anarchist feminists. I thought now would be a good opportunity to mention them and some more feminerd forerunners from around the globe, including Kurdistan, Indigenous North America, and even ancient Babylon.

Douchebag Decree: The NYPD Rape Acquittal

Sometimes a situation is so horrible that a Douchebag Decree just doesn't cut it. However, I can think of nothing douchier today than the NYPD trial verdict, which found the two accused officers not guilty of rape.

Grand Rounds: Dissecting Grey's Anatomy: Morbidity and Mortality

We reached the end of season seven of Grey's Anatomy last week with "Unaccompanied Minor," the somewhat explosive finale episode. The Grand Rounds crew is taking a look back over the seventh season today, evaluating what worked, what didn't, and how we felt overall about the season. Did Grey's accomplish what it set out to do? Did our characters develop and grow? What were...

Electro Feminisms: Delia Derbyshire

Working with early synths, tape loops and found sounds, Delia Derbyshire created unique, groundbreaking music through the '60s and early '70s. In her hands, anything could be musical, and it frequently was.

Read on for more.

Sexual Inadequacy: But What About the Footman?

Downton Abbey, a period piece about a family and their servants, living on an estate after the sinking of the Titanic but before the first World War. The patriarch of the family has no male heir and must surrender the estate to an obscure relation, the three daughters are being wooed by suitors, and their daily lives are mirrored in the power struggles that go on in the...

BiblioBitch: Chaz Bono's Book of Mixed Messages

Chaz Bono's new memoir, Transition: The Story of How I Became a Man, co-written with Billie Fitzpatrick, brims with candid emotion. It covers his entire life so far, and as the title implies, it frequently comes back to Chaz's lifelong discomfort with being thought to be female and his gradual acceptance of himself as a trans guy. Unfortunately, it's also full of...