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Bibliobitch: Maggie Stiefvater

Full disclosure: I have not actually read anything by YA fiction author Maggie Stiefvater. However, I was tipped off to her existence earlier this week while reading Smart Bitches, Trashy Books and was instantly charmed. Watch this video, in which Stievfater predicts which mythological creature will usurp the vampire in YA romance popularity:

The Body Electric: "Naturally Procreative Relationships" or Policing Bodies Goes Straight!

Uh oh. Those pro-h8ers got themselves in a pickle last week in San Francisco with U.S. District Chief Judge Vaughn, who questioned laywer Charles Cooper about his dumb assertion that Prop 8 is important to the state because it enourages "naturally procreative relationships."

The judge, bypassing many obvious other questions (so are adoptive parents "less"...

On the Map: Sample the World, Feminist Style

Every day I read news from all over the globe while sipping my morning coffee...

TV Crush of the Week: Chuck Bass

Longtime readers may already know of my love for Gossip Girl's Chuck Bass, and it's only grown since he started being the best boyfriend ever to Blair Waldorf this season. But last night Chuck soared even higher in my heart when he a) kissed a dude and b) was nonplussed as ever.


Expect Great

It looks like the Detroit Shock, three-time WNBA champions, may be going the way of the Seattle Sonics ... that is, to Oklahoma. Why can't ESPN or Sports Illustrated be bothered to cover it? Or anything to do with pro women ballers, for that matter?

The Spearhead on Sci-Fi: NO GIRLS ALLOWED!

Blogger "Whiskey" has an article up on men's culture site The Spearhead" today called "The Feminization of Science Fiction (and Fantasy)". The gist of the piece is that (imagine this being said in a little-boy-pouty-voice) girls are coming in ruining science fiction and fantasy for boys with their stupid emotions and even stupider buying power! No fair!

Artist's rendering of "...

Adventures in Feministory: A Woman Alone--Forough Farrokhzad

All the poets Iran is famous for – Khayyam, Hafez, Rumi – lived hundreds of years ago... and were dudes. But modernist poetry in Iran is alive and well, and its most important female poet, Forough Farrokhzad, is a contemporary Iranian iconoclast on par with former prime minister Mohammad Mossadegh. Although lack of adequate translations made her little known outside of Iran, Farrokhzad became...

The Body Electric: Freak Out! On Tuxedos in Mississippi

 In yet another fantastic display of what happens when ignorance meets a media blitz, the potential yearbook photo of Ceara Sturgis--an openly gay high school student from Mississippi whose school won't allow this photo of her in a tux into the yearbook due to gender rigidity--is now published, many times over, in a wide range of media outlets.

You know when even Fox news adopts...

Little Miss Ogyny

It's hard to imagine that anyone in the audience for TLC's Toddlers & Tiaras has a deep passion for child beauty pageants. Okay, maybe there's a small contingent of fans who like frilly dresses and are impervious to real-time psychological trauma, but most can't help but be appalled by pageant parents' (read: moms') obsession with their children's ability to impress strangers who...

She Pop: John Mayer Embraces His Inner Tucker Max

A while back, a commenter raised the issue of why I had focused mostly - in fact, almost entirely - on female artists in She Pop. There are a few reasons for this. First, the way that female personalities are packaged and sold, and the way people react to them, is a more interesting topic for analysis than just pointing at a sexist male pop star and being like, "look! He's being a sexist...