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The Body Electric: Tattoo Part III: Nine Waves and Big Beginnings

As part of my ongoing effort to bring you incredible tattoos and the stories behind them--and after my experience seeing the fantastic film "9" (have you seen it yet, by the way?)--I thought it only fitting to introduce you to Clare McBee, and the story behind her gorgeous leg piece, located in a sprawling swirl on her calf.  Clare is a Community Health Worker at the PACT...

She Pop: 1, 2, 3, No: Why Britney's New Single Is Not "Deviant"

Oh, my goodness! Britney Spears has released a new single! And it is about SEXUAL ACTIVITY! To be precise, it concerns threesomes - the song is entitled "3," just so that you don't miss its subtle and highly coded message - which have been scientifically determined to be the single tamest and most socially acceptable form of sexual experimentation aside from heterosexual girl-on-girl...

New short film is cute, quirky, and candid. And it's about abortion.

Quiz: Is this still from... a) Jenny Slate's new short Eff-You you Effing Eff-wad? b) a promo from the 2009 Quirkfest Filmfest? or c) Juno II: All Grown Up? It's actually from

She Pop: Madonna, Motherhood, and Choices

You know: a lot of people have problems with Madonna. In fact, pretty much the entire history of Madonna has been the history of people having various problems with her! I first learned of her existence when a news channel reported on one of her concerts. I was maybe five or six. It was her "crucifix as fashion accessory" phase; possibly, also, her "pretending to masturbate on...

Douchebag Decree: Dress you up in nothing, from your head down to your toes

It's almost Halloween, which means I'll be a little anxious trying to figure out what the hell to dress as this year, as I do every year. Yet, were I to go to a Halloween costume store and try to find something, I wouldn't really be able to find anything that exciting. Scary, sure. But not in a Halloween scary way. I'd find a lot of ridiculous outfits of all kinds that require garter...

The Body Electric: Dear Bigots, Stop Having Children (A Rant)

 Dear Bigot Parents:

Note that I won't call you "intolerant" because I don't think it's about "tolerance." Nobody needs to be tolerated. What needs to happen is you need to get your heads out of your asses and appreciate the rich diversity of life that exists around you. I know you don't like rich diversity, and whatever dumb reason you have to justify that--...

BiblioBitch: Dignifying Science

In light of last week's opening of the King Abdullah Science and Technology University, Saudi Arabia's first fully coed university, it seems like a good time to revisit Dignifying Science, a 1999 comic book collection of stories about female scientists.

Tube Tied: I Love Dexter And I Don't Care

The fourth season of Dexter premiered this Sunday, and I was rather more excited about it than I would like to admit.  I started watching back in the day because it was Michael C. Hall, and I was a Six Feet Under fan from waaaaayyy back, and I made it my business to ensure that the wonderful actors of that show continued to be employed for the forseeable future.  As it turns out, Dexter was...

Adventures in Feministory: Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

This tough woman was way ahead of her time—leaving slavery to become more independent than most women born free in her lifetime—here's the story of Mary Fields. (read more after the jump)

The white horse is still bucking

Late summer in Portland is characterized by the days-long indy jam extravaganza Music Fest NW. This year's lineup had something for everyone- from Tara Jane O'Neil to Japanther- but Bitch librarian and contributor Danny Hayes and I went to just one show: Erase Errata and Team Dresch. Life goals #473 and #291 achieved! Read more after the jump!