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Tube Tied: Dollhouse's "Epitaph One": Still Confused, Still Worth Watching

I don't imagine many of you are Dollhouse viewers, not least because the new series by Joss Whedon of Buffy and Angel fame had a rocky ride of a first season.  If you gave up on him, I have a new mantra for you: Joss is always worth the trouble.  Joss identifies as a feminist, and indeed, before anybody scoffs or points to Buffy's short skirts or what have you, I encourage you to read this...

Queen of Cute

You've probably met Hello Kitty.

With her small, engaging eyes and enchanting disposition, Hello Kitty has cemented herself as a timeless merchandising icon. Her round face brandishes pencils, backpacks, socks, shoes, toasters, bicycles, computers, and everything else under the moon. You maybe very good friends with Hello Kitty, or you may curse the cute sidewalk she skips along.


Douchebag Decree: The Kate Major Is Majorly Douching Off Edition


Here's a shocker: when you start dating your boyfriend thirty seconds after he leaves his wife, the woman who carried his eight children, he might not be sticking around with you for very long. You might also be surprised when, as his divorce is being talked about everywhere from websites, to TV shows, to our podcast and oh, right, on his reality show that perhaps maybe, just...

Grrrl on Film: From Page to Screen: Can Book Adaptations Bring Greater Visibility to Women Protagonists?

Last week many of you contributed enlightening responses to my two part post on women directors and provided useful suggestions on we can do to ensure that Hollywood supports women producers, screenwriters, and directors. Thank you!

Since then, I've been thinking about what can we do to get Hollywood to do a better job of representing women in film as leading characters. And I'm curious...

Bitch Tapes: The Journeys Mix

Travels by bus, tram or foot. Journeys of emotion and personal development. Trips to the other side of the globe or back to the womb. It's all right here in this mix. Enjoy—it's Friday, y'all!

Bed, Bitch & Beyond: No Sex, Please, I'm "Wrinkly"

What happens when a popular columnist and writer pens a "refreshingly honest--and brilliantly witty--celebration of the joys of getting wrinkly?" Nothing good.

Don't let the advance billing fool you--Virginia Ironside's new memoir is a misogynist, anti-sex turd wrapped up in fancy gift box of faux-empowerment.

Best (just about) Week Ever!

Even though our sign got jacked a few days ago (we're gonna find you, s***bags!), Bitch Media's week has been pretty rosy. A successful subscription campaign, a new issue coming down the pipeline, and now a great write-up from the independent magazine for independent magazines, UTNE reader! Danielle Maestrettie couldn't have concluded her piece better: "Take a cue from Bitch and put...

Feminists Protest PETA For a Change

Friend of Bitch (and Beaker Bitch blogger) Sarah Mirk posted a great piece over at Blogtown PDX yesterday on the new (and oh-so-unfortunate) PETA billboard in Florida, and the subsequent protest of PETA President Ingrid Newkirk's book signing at Powell's Books here in Portland. The offending billboard:

Seriously, PETA? I think I've lost enough weight already barfing at your ad...

Tube Tied: Okay, But What About the Women on Mad Men?

I can't say that this first episode of the third season of Mad Men wowed me, but I suppose it was inevitable, amidst all the hype, that the episode would disappoint at least one person in its audience.  And indeed, it was something of a shaky start.  Don's reminisicing - or, really, more accurately, reimagining, since he can't possibly remember - the circumstances of his own birth made for a...