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It's that time again! We're rounding up some of the most interesting things we read this week in the another edition of On Our Radar.

  • With the release of Forbes' list of the top 100 Websites For Women, Renee Martin of Womanist Musings writes on the incredible lack of blogs by women of color, trans women, and disabled women.
  • Shelby Knox reflects on body image and feminism...

BitchTapes: Sugar High--A Mix Dedicated to National Candy Month

I'm blaming my recent sugar binge on National Candy Month, and you can too! But, don't put down those Pixie Stix just yet because this mix is guaranteed to make your sweet tooth ache.

Misadventures in Misogyny: Bloomerism

As a bit of a contrapositive to our weekly Adventures in Feministory, I have to include these 19th-century British political cartoons by John Leech that The Sexist linked to today.


Father of the family: Come dear, we so seldom go out together now - can't you take us all to the play tonight? Mistress of the house and M.P.: How you talk, Charles! Don't you see that I am...

Snarky's Cinemachine: Knight and Daze

At some point between the release of 1996's Mission: Impossible and Jerry Maguire I discovered I could predict future Tom Cruise trends based on what I knew about his upcoming releases. Granted, I could not give pertinent details such as box office grosses or where he might holiday with his family, but I could predict things such as potential co-stars (I had Thandie Newton...

Political InQueery: Politics of the Absurd

In the camp of You Can't Make This Shit Up, I'd like to take a brief look—a glance, really—at a few odd stories about the weird things former politicians and lobbyists (and politicians who became lobbyists) do. Honestly, I don't think I should write about this for too long, as something in my brain might start to mis-fire on purpose. Contemplation isn't worth long-term cognitive damage, after all...

How do you take your coffee? Why, in a Bitch mug, of course!

Whether you take your coffee black like Liz Lemon or full of milk, sugar, whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles like Leslie Knope, you can now drink it in feminist style with a set of oh-so-amazing Bitch coffee mugs! Behold:

Sm{art}: The Reality of a Performance Artist

This is what reality television should be like. Made Here is a new web documentary series about work and life as a performance artist as told by a variety of artists living in New York City. Broken up into easily digestible video segments, the series goes beyond "Making It In The Big City" to explore the real-world challenges of space, family, and the impediments to creativity...

Political InQueery: Where in the World is Oliver North?

Up until now, I've looked at people who have for better or worse had their time in the spotlight of Washington, DC and who have, for the most part, faded from view, or at least have made their ways to the back of our collective memory. And starting next month I'll take a gander at folks who were not as much on the national stage but who have affected policy or political expectations more...

Snarky's Cinemachine: Thelma Schoonmaker, the Cut Master

"I took a stress test and they said [State Department] I was way too liberal in my thinking." - Three-time Oscar winner Thelma Schoonmaker pictured with long time collaborator Martin "Marty" Scorsese

Meanwhile, hundreds miles away, Thelma Schoonmaker sat in her own bossy chair editing the landmark American film Raging Bull, for which she earned an Academy Award. Like...

Mad World: What Liquor Ads Teach Us About Guys

Liquor ads capitalize on some of the worst (socialized) masculine traits, glamorize them, and sell these behaviors back to us–encouraging and promoting sexism.