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Thank You for Joining the Bitch 500!

A gigantic, Bitch-y thank you to everyone who supported us during our Bitch 500 subscription drive! With your help, we reached our goal of 500 new subscribers/renewals in two weeks! Hooray!

We are so lucky to have subscribers and readers like all of you, who stick by us even during these oh-so-tough economic times. Together, we are keeping independent feminist media alive and kicking (...

Target Women Targets Oldsters

Happy 30th Birthday, Sarah Haskins! Too bad you're too old to enjoy it without medication.

Target Women is always right on target. Am I right, ladies? For more, check out Kjerstin's interview with Ms. Haskins in the last Bitch Radio podcast!

Page Turner-The Quiet One: An Interview with Author Alice Elliott Dark

Most of us have that album in our lives, the one that's the instant open doorway to our core. (Mine is Joni Mitchell's Hejira…or is it P.J. Harvey's Dry? Never mind—what's that album for you, Bitch readers?)

Our ardent devotion to that watershed CD is the theme of the new anthology Heavy Rotation: Twenty Writers on the Albums That Changed Their Lives, edited by Peter Terzian. The collection...

Bed, Bitch & Beyond: Love, (De)Friendship and Facebook

I had asked y'all to send me your burning relationship questions and quandaries, and in response I got this:

What's do I do about defriending my now-ex? Do I leave him in friend limbo, or should breaking up automatically equal defriending? I haven't even taken down the "in a relationship with" line because it's only been a week and I just can't deal with everyone knowing yet....

Grrrl on Film-Lois Lane, A Brief Herstory of the Daily Planet

The newspaperman, and newspaperwoman, have long captured the American imagination – and reporters, anchors, and even photojournalists have served as the protagonists in comics, animation, television and film.

As a woman writer and pop culture herstorian I can't help but be drawn to places in pop culture where women and journalism intersect – and that means I absolutely adore...

Preview articles from Bitch's upcoming Consumed Issue!

Preview our much-anticipated Consumed issue! After a summer hiatus, Bitch magazine is returning to your mailbox shortly with a brand new layout but the same great feminist response to pop culture! In anticipation, we're throwing up three articles online as a sneak peek into the Consumed issue. You can read how two Bitch contributors butt heads over the McCain Blogette in classic Love it/...

Is Meghan McCain the new heartbeat of the GOP or the new headache?: A point/counterpoint

You may know her as John McCain's cute, blonde, 24-year-old daughter, whose site, McCain Blogette, may have been the first campaign-trail travelogue to dish about its author's favorite cosmetics and love of Tupac. You may have seen her appearances on The Rachel Maddow Show or Politically Incorrect. And you may have heard about her kerfuffle with conservative columnist Laura Ingraham, who made fat...

Feast of Burden: The transgressive, disturbing world of 'feeding' porn

Ivy doesn't look like most performers in mainstream pornography. Then again, the thousands of viewers who have logged on to watch her YouTube videos or look at her photo sets aren't seeking mainstream adult entertainment. While most porn stars and pinups show off their tits and ass, Ivy shows off her big belly, the body part fetishized in the niche genre of feeding porn.

Ladies' Camp Rock: Wrocking ’n’ Rowling with wizard- and 
Twilight-themed bands

You only have to look to the history of Star Trek–
inspired music—ranging from surf-punkers No Kill I to the Klingon heavy-metal band Stovokor—to see that fantasy and science- fiction fans have made music devoted to their obsessions for generations. Nothing in the history of fandom, though, can compare to wizard rock, a thriving subculture of musicians and fans devoted to Harry Potter–inspired...

On the Map: Coming Out of the (Water) Closet

It wasn't until moving to India that I realized just how much I'd been taking toilets for granted, and it wasn't until coming across the newly published Ladies and Gents: Public Toilets and Gender that I realized the extent of what I'd been missing. So, naturally, I decided it was time to dive head first into the loo… metaphorically, of course.

After interviewing Olga Gershenson and...