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How do you take your coffee? Why, in a Bitch mug, of course!

Whether you take your coffee black like Liz Lemon or full of milk, sugar, whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles like Leslie Knope, you can now drink it in feminist style with a set of oh-so-amazing Bitch coffee mugs! Behold:

Sm{art}: The Reality of a Performance Artist

This is what reality television should be like. Made Here is a new web documentary series about work and life as a performance artist as told by a variety of artists living in New York City. Broken up into easily digestible video segments, the series goes beyond "Making It In The Big City" to explore the real-world challenges of space, family, and the impediments to creativity...

Political InQueery: Where in the World is Oliver North?

Up until now, I've looked at people who have for better or worse had their time in the spotlight of Washington, DC and who have, for the most part, faded from view, or at least have made their ways to the back of our collective memory. And starting next month I'll take a gander at folks who were not as much on the national stage but who have affected policy or political expectations more...

Snarky's Cinemachine: Thelma Schoonmaker, the Cut Master

"I took a stress test and they said [State Department] I was way too liberal in my thinking." - Three-time Oscar winner Thelma Schoonmaker pictured with long time collaborator Martin "Marty" Scorsese

Meanwhile, hundreds miles away, Thelma Schoonmaker sat in her own bossy chair editing the landmark American film Raging Bull, for which she earned an Academy Award. Like...

Mad World: What Liquor Ads Teach Us About Guys

Liquor ads capitalize on some of the worst (socialized) masculine traits, glamorize them, and sell these behaviors back to us–encouraging and promoting sexism.

Read My Bitch: Brittany Shoot reads "The Ambition Condition"

Episode number two of Read My Bitch is ready to be consumed for your listening pleasure. Read My Bitch is the podcast that features Bitch magazine readers reading out loud an article from the Bitch archives and then talking about why it's meaningful to them. For this episode, Bitch reader and contributor Brittany Shoot reads Anna Clark's "The Ambition Condition: Women, writing, and the...

Snarky's Cinemachine: Dede Allen, The Coolest Woman in Film You've Never Heard Of!

The genesis of my cinema love affair can be traced to two films: The Wiz and Serpico, both directed by Sidney Lumet (father of Jenny and Amy Lumet and son-in-law of the incomparable Miss Lena Horne) Despite being two decidedly different films, they share a lineage and many visual stylistic elements, which tends to make a double-feature of them oddly harmonious.

I feel...

Adventures in Feministory: Ms. Mary Wilson, Supreme Lady

Mary Wilson was born in 1944 in Greenville, Mississippi. She later moved to the Detroit Brewster Projects where at the age of 13 she met Florence Ballard and Diane Ross, the girls with whom she would become the greatest girl group of all time–The Supremes.

The story of the Supremes is one of friendship, dreams, tragedy, success, and glamour, as well as groundbreaking firsts in...

Political InQueery: The Ass-Backwards Apologies of the Beltway

There's that old line: Whatever you don't know won't kill you. Unlike other idioms that make a modicum of sense, this is one that has been proven useless a gazillion times over. One example:

On Our Radar

We're back again with another edition of On Our Radar - bringing you some of the most interesting things we read this week!
  • Riddhi Shaw takes a look at the misogynistic and homophobic undertones of Bros Icing Bros on Broadsheet. The drinking game, wherein a bro (never a female, and never gay) surprises another bro with a warm bottle of Smirnoff Ice and forces him to chug it, has...