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Bitch Radio: The Make-Believe Podcast

Fresh off the harddrive, this episode of Bitch Radio features women from the Make-Believe issue of Bitch! If you're into women who make pop-culture collage art (say, Sonja Ahlers, author/artist of The Selves), who make it in Hollywood sans plastic surgery or selling out (I'm talking about the hilarious Jamie Denbo of Ronna and Beverly, Weeds, and Best Buds), who document the riot grrl movement...

Tube Tied: On the Mike & Molly/Marie Claire Controversy

Along with the rest of the ladycentric internet this week (including Bitch), I've been following the kerfuffle over Maura Kelly's post at Marie Claire about how disgusted she is by fat people. The post, ostensibly, is about the television show Mike & Molly, which is a romantic sitcom about a couple that meets in an Overeaters Anonymous meeting. The creator of the show has already...

Douchebag Decree: The Paul-Supporting Stomper

This week we're awarding the Decree to a group of Rand Paul supporters who tackled activist Lauren Valle before a Senatorial debate in Kentucky. Special mention goes to Tim Profitt, a Paul volunteer and campaign contributor who stomped on Valle's shoulder and head. Profitt later claimed the stomping was necessary to protect Paul from Valle, who was totally unarmed and already on the...

Sm{art}: Craft-ivists on Etsy

No, not that kind of craftivism (although my fingers are crossed for that vulva necklace this Hanukkah). This week I'm all about Etsy's growing community of world-saving vendors; whether they're sustainable in their work practices, donate money from each sale to charitable organizations, or print their politics right on their products, these crafters make activism an art.

Mad World: Thanks!

As many of you know, we've been hosting Mad World here on the Bitch blogs (and around town) since March, and we've had a great time discussing advertising, gender, and identity as a part of this series. However, as Johnny so eloquently said to Pony Boy, "nothing gold can stay." (OK, so he was quoting Robert Frost, but the cuteness of the young Ralph Macchio means we're going with the...

Music Matters: Corin Tucker


By the end (I'm hoping not for good, but for now, anyway) of Sleater-Kinney Corin Tucker's voice was a finely honed weapon, full of deep, slow, sexy soul and capable of an earsplitting wail, a bonechilling snarl, a rock'n'roll howl that didn't so much as defy gender as rip the guts straight out of it.

Her new record, 1,000 Years puts that voice front...

Tube Tied: Against The View

Last night, observing that Joy Behar had said Sharron Angle was going to hell, Stephen Colbert joked, "I hadn't realized [Angle] would be on The View." Readers, I laughed. Indeed, I'm kind of surprised that I've gone this long writing about television from a feminist perspective without directly addressing the national embarrassment that is The View.

In many ways, on paper, The View...

Political InQueery: Queering Elections

On Monday, I took a look at LGBT candidates running for office. The general frame of that article, and of most of this series of articles for Bitch has been set within the confines of the US election structure—a within-system critique, taking a discursive analysis approach to the text and narratives of these 2010 midterm elections. I have not been asking about forms of government, the...

Fatphobia Alert: Fatties should not be allowed to kiss, apparently!

Two fat people sharing a moment together. How DARE they! And right in front of us, too!

Holy fatphobia, Bitch readers! Marie Claire blogger Maura Kelly had some very uncool and uninformed things to say about fat folks yesterday, starting with her belief that they should not be shown kissing on television. (Y'know, because eeewww!) Since we try to combat this type of size-based vitriol...

Music Matters: Why Feminist Pop Criticism Matters

Creating art is walking through a minefield, especially in a society like this one that doesn't really do much to support said art. And since many of us critics are also creators, we know that we don't want to discourage creation, we want to make it better.