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On the Map: Fashion and Fundraising with The Uniform Project

In Mumbai and Delhi, several fashion designers are making their radical politics known on the runway, and in fashion capital New York City, one Indian woman is drawing attention to the need for quality education for children living in the slums of her homeland with one little black dress.

Women, Film, and Food

Having spent the weekend filling my freezer with late summer goodness from my local farmer's market and finding out about Lisa Jervis's new book Cook Food: A Manualfesto for Easy, Healthy, Local Eating, the Grrrl on Film has nourishment on her mind.

And I'm not the only one, the recent release of Nora Ephron's Julie & Julia has placed Julia Child's Mastering the Art of...

Rave On: Filmmaker Therese Shechter on Woman: An Intimate Geography

"Rave On" is the Page Turner series that asks feminist writers, artists, musicians, activists, leaders, and scholars to talk about a book that completely rocked their world. Today we feature filmmaker Therese Shechter, creator of the documentary I Was a Teenage Feminist, on Woman: An Intimate Geography, by Natalie Angier.

My feminist inspiration came from an unlikely place: the...

Hateraid: People of WalMart Edition

One swift glance at the People of WalMart blog and I've got all the fodder I need to write this post. It's almost too easy to critique it. This site is an example of what happens when people fail to have class consciousness, folks.

I Can Has Feminizm?

Hold on to your hats feminizts, because I Can Has Feminizm? is back! I may have let a few LOLz haters get in the way of my providing animal-and-feminism-based laughs these past few weeks, but no more! LOLz are back by popular demand and the first one this weekend comes to us from a Bitch reader and her, well, bitch. Check it out:

How cute! And it's nice to see that the Consumed...

Newsflash: Summer Flings Also Appropriate for Fall, Winter, Spring.

For those of you enjoying your Labor Day weekend with some end-of-summer sexytime, gather 'round. We'll visit--and bitch about--Glamour's "helpful" article that promises "6 ways to turn your summer fling into the real thing."

Be forewarned: some of the stuff I fling will not be Glamour-approved.

Hateraid: International Commercials Edition

I read a lot, and in my perusal of the Interweb today I came across several international television commercials that had me wrinkling my nose, furrowing my brow, and rolling my eyes. I'm not easily offended, and really, I'm not sure it's a feeling of offense that has me writing this post. It is more a response to my disappointment with the lack of creativity on the part of advertisers,...

So This Feminist Walks into a Bar... And Enters a Joke Contest!

Calling all funny feminists! We are in possession of not one but FIVE copies of Randa Jarrar's fabulous book A Map of Home (reviewed in the Buzz issue) and we're jonesin' to give them away! And guess what? All you need to do to obtain a copy of this red-hot prize is enter the Bitch Magazine Feminist Joke Contest!

Look! The book wants you to enter and win!

So give us your best...

BitchTapes: The I Call Your Name Edition

Let's face it. Male musicians (and some female ones) have been writing songs about their female muses ever since the first teenybopper swooned for some nerd holding a guitar. The girl's-name-for-a-title song is an important part of the pop music aesthetic, and one that I personally love. A song that is a straight-up ode to a woman I'll never meet has always held a certain mystique for me, as...


Changing the face of homelessness or just another hackneyed rags to riches tale?