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Bitch Tapes-Soul Train: The Hippest Trip, 38 years later


Today's BitchTapes is a tribute to Soul Train, which saw its syndicated debut on October 2, 1971. As we look back, 38 years later, on this legacy of funk, we see the show did more than open the ears of its fans to the smooth, soul-hits of so many black artists of the time. Soul Train acted as a cultural bridge. For viewers it was THE place to go for clues on...

Marge Simpson is on the cover of Playboy. Yes, you read that right.

So yeah, um, this is happening:

Believe your eyes, folks. Marge Simpson is on the cover of Playboy's November Issue. W.T.F?

Without You, There's No Bitch

Over 300,000 people are part of the Bitch Media community - reading the magazine, discussing topics on the blog, and listening to the podcast.

Despite this great interest in our programs, Bitch struggles to pay to the bills, even as we keep our expenses low. In order to stick around and keep bringing you smart, witty, and thought-provoking pop culture commentary, we must increase support from...

On The Map: Capitalism + Feminism = True Luv 4Eva

Is capitalism helping feminism or is feminism helping capitalism--or both?

Photo credit: Glamour

She Pop: The Search for the Misogyjam of '09, featuring 3OH!3 and Helen Keller Jokes

Ah, Rolling Stone. Twice a month, you arrive at my doorstep (yeah, I don't know either. My boyfriend bought concert tickets or something? And then it came for free? Rolling Stone: The Magazine So Relevant They Basically Have To Force You To Read It) and generously provide me with a new reason to fear for the future of the world and all those who live therein.

This week, for example,...

The Body Electric: Why Kurt From "Glee" Is My TV Hero

My girlfriend and I often discuss how "Glee" is the campiest show on television--and much like its subject--its rosy perspective on the empowering potential of "show choir" is simultaneously refreshingly earnest and completely fantastic. In fact, "Glee" feels like a queer, television version of what Margaret Atwood might call "speculative fiction,...

Wordstock, Bitches.

We here at Bitch are pleased as punch to announce that we've got a booth at this year's Wordstock Festival! If you're anywhere near the Portland area, you don't want to miss this. Tons of great authors, an amazing book fair, fun events, and Bitch! Awww yeah.

Flowers for Feminism

Bitch is lucky enough to get special things in the mail from readers, makers and doers from time-to-time. Recently, one of these packages arrived for me from Kelly Abeln, Editor and Art Director of the publication, 'Cult of Flowers'.

Douchebag Decree: Peg Yorkin, Traitor to Womanity


I've got nothing but love for my fellow feminists out there in the trenches, working to raise money and fund programs and bring meaningful change. But when one of those feminists spits on and stomps all over our core values IN PUBLIC--I absolutely flame up like the Hindenberg. And my righteous feminist fury has been burning bright since last week, when I read this statement in the...

Don Draper: The Most Influential Fake Man of 2009

Yesterday, my bf emailed me an article from the consistently obnoxious and terrible men's site Apparently, the hard-hitting journalists working over there were interested in determining the Most Influential Man of 2009, and the winner (chosen through a reader poll) was Mad Men's fictional philanderer Don Draper. You know, because television characters should really be the most...