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Political InQueery: A Low Bar for Women's Rights

I spent two hours standing in line yesterday to hear President Obama and Senator Murray rally the troops for her reelection bid. In the University of Washington's Huskies stadium, there were reminders of the basketball court under our feet, the Democrat's passage of student loan reform, and several rounds of the wave that people do in sports arenas. So imagine my surprise when the AP...

Music Matters: (Not A) Typical Girl

Ari Up is dead.

That just seems wrong to type. She should've been too badass to die. She was, really.

Douchebag Decree: Ladies, please!

This week we're highlighting three women who have a bad case of foot-in-mouth disease.

Tube Tied: On Dexter's Fifth Season

Dexter is a bit of a so far mess this season, isn't it? I'd watch Michael C. Hall do just about anything—I can never quite get over how different Dexter Morgan is from David Fisher. But one of the problems this show has always had is that each season it sets the bar for intense plotlines a little higher, and as with the fabulousness of last season's twist ending, the writers have usually...

This week in Angela Davis media!

Prison-rights activist and black feminist Angela Davis was arrested forty years ago this month for accomplice to conspiracy, kidnapping, and homicide. Celebrate this iconic woman who has never stopped or been silenced by checking out a new documentary featuring her alongside fellow activist Yuri Kochiyama and a full-length segment on Democracy Now! More after the jump.

Sm{art}: Hungry Eyeball's "Buzz"

"Buzz" is a current art show curated by Hungry Eyeball installed inside Tender Loving Empire, an impressively multi-tasking collective. "Buzz" contains works by five Portland, Oregon based artists: Chelsea Fletcher, Amy Ruppel, Rebecca Artemisa, Kinoko and Wesley Younie. Although it is too late to see Y La Bamba play an intimate show for the opening night (darn it!), it is...

Terry Richardson+Glee+GQ=Creepfest

File it under Gross Yet Unsurprising: Terry Richardson, the "creepy uncle" of douchebags has taken yet another misogynistic and off-putting set of photos of the cast of a teen show! Behold his treatment of Glee:

The male gaze? Why yes, we've heard of it. Why do you ask?

Political InQueery: Campaigns Going Negative

Politicians often promise the electorate, especially at the outsets of their campaigns, not to "go negative" or take pot shots at their opponents. We hear phrases like "issues oriented," "positive campaigning," and "bridging partisan divides." And behind the scenes, no matter the rhetoric, somebody, somewhere, is digging up dirt on the other side. But why? What is the appeal and effect of...

B-sides: Calliope Musicals

I've been in Austin, Texas for the past week, and the highlight of my hectic live show calendar has been Calliope Musicals, a young, up-and-coming indie country/folk band started by Carrie Fussell and Matt Roth less than a year ago. This is exactly the kind of thing indie fans swoon over: the chance to say we knew them back BEFORE they went mainstream and got picked up by the radio...

Tube Tied: Notes on Mad Men's Fourth Season

Mad Men's fourth season, which finished this past Sunday night, had a dualistic quality, it seemed to me. On the one hand, the season had some of the strongest episodes of the entire series—particularly "The Suitcase," which I wrote about in this space before. On the other, it had easily the worst, most blunt, least moving finale of all four seasons. It also signaled a sort of repetition in...