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Music Matters: Persona and Performance

Because I'm not a musician, I'm a writer, I tend to like and analyze and pick at the lyrics of songs. But at the same time, to be any sort of a pop music critic I have to look at the whole package, not just the lyrics. Each part of a pop song is a deliberate choice, and sometimes those choices deliberately contradict one another, undercut one meaning and substitute another, add layer upon...

Tube Tied: Dancing With the Stars and the Notion of the Has-Been

I wonder if there truly is any fate more depressing than ending up as a contestant on Dancing With the Stars. I've only watched the show intermittently over the years—usually under duress, because someone else had laid claim to the remote control—mostly because I get embarrassed for the participants. I hide my eyes when they misstep, and when their smiles falter while the judges...

Grand Rounds: Dissecting Grey's Anatomy: Almost Grown

This week on Grey's Anatomy, the training wheels are off and our residents get to put on their attending scrubs, Dr. Yang is asked to step up or step off, and the Grey's docs compete for a million dollar grant, bringing their A-game (and a few things beside) to the Chief. The theme this week is 'growing up' and the Grand Rounds bloggers talk about maturity, recovery...

BitchTapes: The Queens of Swedish Pop

There's lots of great music being made by ladies in Sweden right now. If your knowledge of Swedish pop doesn't extend beyond ABBA, I think you're in for a nice surprise.

Horror Show: Silver Screen Scream Queens

For some reason, there is an outdated notion that women don't like horror movies. The truth is, women don't just like horror—they've been making it for decades, and the genre would not be itself today it if it weren't for the perseverance of women in the industry. Here are three women that made it possible...

Political InQueery: A Low Bar for Women's Rights

I spent two hours standing in line yesterday to hear President Obama and Senator Murray rally the troops for her reelection bid. In the University of Washington's Huskies stadium, there were reminders of the basketball court under our feet, the Democrat's passage of student loan reform, and several rounds of the wave that people do in sports arenas. So imagine my surprise when the AP...

Music Matters: (Not A) Typical Girl

Ari Up is dead.

That just seems wrong to type. She should've been too badass to die. She was, really.

Douchebag Decree: Ladies, please!

This week we're highlighting three women who have a bad case of foot-in-mouth disease.

Tube Tied: On Dexter's Fifth Season

Dexter is a bit of a so far mess this season, isn't it? I'd watch Michael C. Hall do just about anything—I can never quite get over how different Dexter Morgan is from David Fisher. But one of the problems this show has always had is that each season it sets the bar for intense plotlines a little higher, and as with the fabulousness of last season's twist ending, the writers have usually...

This week in Angela Davis media!

Prison-rights activist and black feminist Angela Davis was arrested forty years ago this month for accomplice to conspiracy, kidnapping, and homicide. Celebrate this iconic woman who has never stopped or been silenced by checking out a new documentary featuring her alongside fellow activist Yuri Kochiyama and a full-length segment on Democracy Now! More after the jump.