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New and exclusive: Enlightened Sexism excerpt, and an interview with author Susan Douglas

Susan Douglas's seminal 1995 book Where the Girls Are: Growing Up with the Mass Media explored how woman see and are seen in pop culture, tracing feminism in pop culture from the 1950s and '60s through the 1980s.  Her newest book, Enlightened Sexism: The Seductive Message That Feminism's Work is Done, revisits the subject of women's representation in the mass media, and finds a...

BiblioBitch: King Kong Theory


The first line of Virginie Despentes' King Kong Theory (written originally in French as King Kong Theorie and then translated into English) is:

"I am writing as an ugly one for the ugly ones: the old hags, the dykes, the frigid, the unfucked, the unfuckables, the neurotics, the psychos, for all those girls that...

Reproductive Writes: The Female Condom Reloaded

The female condom. No one talks about it, no one uses it - it's just one of that group of contraceptives, which includes the sponge and the diaphragm, that everyone sees as outdated and useless. Hormonal contraceptives are considered the high-tech, modern method of birth control and they dominate the market. But lately the male condom had been taking back its share of the conversation – the New...

Tina Fey: Esquire Fantasy Edition

So, Tina Fey is on the cover of the April 2010 Esquire:

The Biotic Woman: In Praise of Sistah Vegan

For a long time, one of my favorite vegan thinkers has been A. Breeze Harper, author of the Sistah Vegan website/blog and now the author of her newly released book of the same name—out this month! Harper also contributes to the Vegans of Color blog—see my last post for a Q...

B-Sides: Chiptunes

I was lucky enough to attend a SXSW screening of Blip Festival: Reformat the Planet, a documentary about chiptunes, an underground music form that uses hardware from old video game consoles, like classic Nintendo Game Boys and NESes, to create new, original music. Most of this music bears little resemblance to 8-bit video game music (except, of course, for the sound quality); it's more like...

Raising Trouble: Tim Burton's "Alice"

No matter how subtle and cerebral – or in the case of Lewis Carroll's 1865 tale, wonderfully meandering and weird – the original story, these days, Hollywood will figure out how to transform it into an action movie.

Mad World: Mad Man George Lois

Few people embody the tough questions raised by the advertising industry like George Lois. A brilliant innovator who is responsible for countless iconic (and offensive) ad campaigns and Esquire covers, Lois is both frustrating and inspiring. Which makes him perfect, of course, for this week's Mad World discussion.Yep, Lois did this.

Feminist Rapper: A Lady Made That!

It's somewhat of a running joke in feminist circles that, while awesome, a PhD in Gender Studies doesn't exactly bring in the big bucks. Well, Jenny Hagel is looking to change that (or at least the character she plays in her new web series, Feminist Rapper is). In the first episode, "A Lady Made That," a frustrated Gender Studies professor learns how to rap to try and get her students excited...

Reproductive Writes: Giving Blood Part 2: Interview with Chris Bobel

University of Massachusetts professor Chris Bobel is the author of the soon to be released book New Blood: Third-Wave Feminism and the Politics of Menstruation. In the second part of this