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Bechdel Test Canon: Morvern Callar

A consideration for the lead actress, director, and mixtape that make Lynne Ramsay's Morvern Callar one of my favorite films.

B-Sides: Do They Know it's Christmas (Music) Time?

I know there are some humbugs out there who don't like the holiday season, and that's fine. Cheer and snacks and the spirit of giving (OK, and stress and consumerism) aren't for everyone, right? But when people tell me that they don't like holiday music, I have a tough time believing it. Just about all of the musicians you can think of have recorded holiday music at some point during their...

The Long Goodbye: Call the Ambulance, Because it

In response to the economic downturn over the past two years, Oprah has dialed back the rampant consumerism associated with her "Favorite Things" shows. But this is Oprah's ULTIMATE Favorite Things year, so hold onto your super expensive hats!

Bitch in a Box: Last-Minute Gift Ideas

No matter what you celebrate this time of year, chances are you're going to need to buy a gift for someone, and that's where our "Bitch in a Box" series comes in! Between now and the end of December, we (Bitch HQ staff and interns) will be taking turns writing themed gift guides designed to please even the scroogiest feminists on your shopping list. Here's my guide to last-minute...

Iconography: Picturing What the Kids are Reading These Days

Gather around, children. It's time for a story. Several, actually. I've been thinking about picture books, and how big an impact a story can have with just a few words. Get thinking about the picture book icons of your childhood while I take you through some of my experiences and what the kids are reading these days.

I ? Bitch Because It Takes Pop Culture Seriously

As 2010 draws to a close, it's the time of year that nonprofits ask for donations. Bitch Media is no different; we need ongoing financial support. Usually, we would ask you to make a gift after telling you why you should support us. However, Bitch Media is lucky. We don't need to tell you why Bitch is important because we can let our supporters tell their own stories. This week, Veronica...

Adventures in Feministory: Djuna Barnes

Djuna Barnes was a poet, novelist, journalist, and artist whose work was known for its unique prose rhythms, its sexual openness, and its fascination with the bawdy and grotesque. She lived in Greenwich Village in the bohemian 1910s, frequented the artists' salons in 1920s Paris, and late in life became a cult icon and famous recluse.

Open Thread: Naomi Wolf and Jaclyn Friedman on Democracy Now!

Writer and Douchebag Decree-recipient Naomi Wolf debated Jaclyn Friedman (executive director of Women, Action & the Media) about the sexual assault allegations against Julian Assange today on Democracy Now!. It's in two parts. Anna Overseas has provided a transcript of the first part.

TRIGGER WARNING: These conversations deal heavily with rape and consent and may be triggering (it...

Iconography: The Rather Extraordinary Astrid Lindgren and Pippi Longstocking

If any icons loom large, they're those of our formative years. Let's open up some children's books, shall we? With sales numbering at about 145 million copies and, according to UNESCO, as the world's twenty-fifth most translated author, Astrid Lindgren is about as formative as it gets. Who among us doesn't love Pippi Longstocking?

Bechdel Test Canon: Nobody Knows My Name

Taking its title from rapper T-Love's song, Nobody Knows My Name is about female participation of hip hop culture as MCs, DJs, breakers, and producers, despite being obscured by a recording industry that doesn't know how or care to figure out how to sell their product.