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Mad World: Toy Ads and Learning Gender

I recently watched afternoon cartoons on Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network and I was shocked to find a flood of highly gendered toy commercials. These ads not only market toys to children but they also promote and encourage gender-specific values that are very limiting to boys and girls in different ways. The values and skills promoted in these commercials can play a critical role in the...

B-Sides: Lykke Li/Adele/Bikini Kill Videostravaganza!

It's a good day to be a feminist music fan, but to quote the immortal words of Levar Burton, "You don't have to take my word for it!" You can see/hear for yourself, because today's B-Sides is bringing you not one, not two, but three awesome ladymusic-related videos to brighten up your workday Tuesday. Lykke Li! Adele! Bikini Kill! Let's get to it!

Smells like teen spirit: A few thoughts on Sassy 2.0, or whatever we're calling it

Well, what do you know? I was just gearing up to write a post about the Bitch library's recent acquisition of a full set of Sassy magazines—the first issue! the Kurt 'n' Courtney issue! All the issues!—which were a gift from the fabulous Rita Hao, forever friend of Bitch and a member of our National Advisory Board. And then the news came down the Intertubes that tiny...

Bechdel Test Canon: Lady Vengeance

Today's entry is one of two movies in the series that is part of a trilogy. It is particularly noteworthy for following an installment that gets more critical attention. Frankly, I think Park Chan-wook's Oldboy is massively overrated. It seems strange to me that Hollywood has attempted to remake it so many times since its 2003 release, though its densely choreographed action sequences...

Political InQueery: Spelling Bees as Elections

In the Republican primary for Alaska's Senate seat last summer, Joe Miller beat Lisa Murkowski by the razor-thin margin of 2,000 votes, or less than 1 percent of the total ballots cast. This would have signaled the end for the vast majority of losing candidates, but when Murkowski was asked, again and again, to launch a write-in campaign by residents who apologized for not voting on...

Music Matters: Dream of Life

(Lyrics here)

In the world of rock'n'roll, there are stars and there are poets, virtuosos and punks, heroes and losers and fallen idols. And then there is Patti Smith.

BitchTapes: Lady Country pt. 2

It's been awhile since we made a BitchTapes devoted to country music. I thought today might be a good one to re-visit the kick-ass ladies that have rocked the country music scene.

Tracklist after the jump!

Grand Rounds: Dissecting Grey's Anatomy: Something's Gotta Give

This week on Grey's Anatomy: Fisticuffs, fresh locks, and crying before bedtime! Dr. Bailey can't catch a break, Dr. Karev's past is bubbling up, and Dr. Yang turns to Dr. Visa for a little retail therapy.

Find out what the Grand Rounds bloggers think about it all, after the jump! (As always, expect spoilers beyond this point.)

Bechdel Test Canon: Fat Girl

Relative to Breillat's other movies, 2001's Fat Girl is fairly tame until its problematic conclusion. Documenting the misadventures of fifteen-year-old Elena (Roxane Mesquida) and her younger sister Anaïs (Reboux) while on a family vacation, the movie highlights the disparity between the girls' attitudes toward sex despite their shared virginity. The older sister, who is...

Music Matters: The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of...

I discovered Saul Williams on the Plea for Peace tour back in 2003 or 2004. I was living in Denver, and something the poet/singer/songwriter/rockstar said has stuck with me ever since. I'd be paraphrasing, but in this interview he said essentially the same thing:

...there is a major cleanse going on within the psyche and spirits of humanity and our world leaders are simply the toxins...