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The Lady Is A Tramp: Aiyana Stanley-Jones at the Altar of the Media

I'm taking a moment from my usual sexing-it-up posts because of the little girl pictured above. For those who don't know, her name is Aiyana Stanley Jones. And she's dead. Her family just buried her this week. She didn't die from leukemia or in a drunk-driving accident or at the hands of an abusive or negligent parent or guardian. She died for the sake of entertainment.

TelevIsm: Spoiler Alert! Lost is Heteronormative!

Lost: not so fond of non-heterosexual people, as the finale on Sunday showed! Spoilers ahoy!

Tuning In: Glee's "Theatricality"

Glee gets theatrical with the help of Lady Gaga and Kiss.

The Young and The Feckless: Bursting Bubbles

It was oddly apropos to be mulling over the idea of social bubbles over bubble tea. Totally unplanned, though (as was the choking on a tapioca pearl). A friend and I were discussing the need to stop accepting online culture as the status quo. It's exclusive and exclusionary, with its own language, its own jargon and touchstones and for all of its ubiquity, the culture of the internet isn't...

B-Sides: Sabrina Chap's Oompa!

Don't let the picture fool you--Sabrina Chap's forlorn album cover of Oompa! doesn't reflect what inside: bouncing rhythms, complex instrumentation, and intelligent lyrics covering everything from heartache to performing femininity.

Mad World: No Cougars Please, We're Family-Friendly.

For the record, I'm not a huge fan of the term "cougar." It demonizes older women by framing them as dangerous predators who prey on younger men, and it has inspired far too many terrible jokes. However, I am also not a fan of Google AdSense's recent decision to refuse service to ads for cougar dating sites. Their reasoning? The concept of an older woman looking to date a younger man...

Adventures in Feministory: Deepa Mehta

Toronto-based filmmaker Deepa Mehta was born in Amritsar, India in 1949. Because her father was a film distributor and theater owner, she was exposed to film at a very early age. She grew up watching commercial Indian cinema, and realized the emotional power of cinema when she was just thirteen. She went to the University of Delhi, where she received a degree in philosophy. With no formal...

Bitch Blogs Commenting, version 2.0

Help us in welcoming a new addition to the Bitch Blogs: an updated and much-improved COMMENTS POLICY! As you know, we've had some issues over the past year with blow ups in the comments section, and our former comments policy just wasn't up to the job.

Oh, and while we're on the subject of blow ups, we've gotten some feedback from our readers recently in regards to comment...

Tuning In: Postfeminist Miley, post-Montana

A look ahead at Miley Cyrus's transition out of Hannah Montana, which airs its final season on the Disney Channel this summer.

The Young and The Feckless: Nothin' but Net(working)

It should come as no surprise to anyone who's been on the job search in the last two or three years that networking is now being held up as the be all and end all of job hunting strategies. Normally, I simply skim this ubiquitous and rather facile advice (it's on par with Cosmo beauty tips when it comes to regurgitating the same ol' same ol'), but this piece from the Wall Street Journal was...