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Love/Shove: Bloody hell! Finally a menstruation movie for everyone.

The trailer for The Moon Inside You begins like a bad Dan Brown-zombie flick: "A curse on half the planet...a secret kept too" Thankfully, the world's in for one less crap slasher and in for a humorous new approach to talking about what most of us hate talking about...periods.

From the looks of the rest of the trailer (available on the film's homepage...

Beaker Bitch: You Run Like a Man!

Caster Semenya is fast and strong and far from dainty. When it came to light last week that an athletic organization was secretly testing her sex, the sports world and mainstream media got a refresher course on an important reality: while our society tries to strictly divide people in male and female, the science of sex is far more murky. South African Semenya is shaping up to be one of the...

Interpretations of a Classic

Just thought I'd give a heads up to the flickr blog's post of interpretations of the famous Rosie the Riveter poster. They also include links to pictures of the real women of the era too. Enjoy!


Bed, Bitch & Beyond: Our Bodies, Outdoors

Today I bring you another burning question from the mailbag:

From a reader who wished to remain nameless: Outdoor Sex: pro or con? as an outdoorsy-girl, I always fantasized about doing it in a big field, but each time I've tried it, I've been poked in weird places with odd plants and bumps (even through a blanket & sleeping pad), or stressed about potential hikers, or something else...

Tarantino & Me: The Grrrl on Film Response to Inglourious Basterds

A few days ago I was chatting with my dad about our various writing projects.

Dad: You know how you've been writing about Quentin Tarantino?

Me: Yes?

Dad: You know he used to work in a video store?

Me: Uh-huh.

Dad: And you used to work in a video store?

Me: Yeah.

Dad: Well there you go.

Well there I go. Once upon a time Quentin...

Adventures in Feministory: Viva Vita!

Vita Sackville-West was a woman with 'high class' problems — but her story is interesting nonetheless. Vita was, in addition to her default socialite status, a writer of prose and poetry, an avid gardener, Bloomsbury Group associate and lover to quite a few women — the most famous being, of course, Virginia Woolf. (More after the jump!)

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Tube Tied: Dollhouse's "Epitaph One": Still Confused, Still Worth Watching

I don't imagine many of you are Dollhouse viewers, not least because the new series by Joss Whedon of Buffy and Angel fame had a rocky ride of a first season.  If you gave up on him, I have a new mantra for you: Joss is always worth the trouble.  Joss identifies as a feminist, and indeed, before anybody scoffs or points to Buffy's short skirts or what have you, I encourage you to read this...

Queen of Cute

You've probably met Hello Kitty.

With her small, engaging eyes and enchanting disposition, Hello Kitty has cemented herself as a timeless merchandising icon. Her round face brandishes pencils, backpacks, socks, shoes, toasters, bicycles, computers, and everything else under the moon. You maybe very good friends with Hello Kitty, or you may curse the cute sidewalk she skips along.


Douchebag Decree: The Kate Major Is Majorly Douching Off Edition


Here's a shocker: when you start dating your boyfriend thirty seconds after he leaves his wife, the woman who carried his eight children, he might not be sticking around with you for very long. You might also be surprised when, as his divorce is being talked about everywhere from websites, to TV shows, to our podcast and oh, right, on his reality show that perhaps maybe, just...