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Adventures in Feministory: Anna Julia Cooper

Speaking as one of the few women at the Pan-African Congress conference in London, 1900, founding the Colored Women's YWCA in 1905, and pushing W.E.B Du Bois to write Black Reconstruction are only three of Anna Julia Cooper's achievements. Sure, when you live to be 105, you can set your sights high, but in an era of progressive depravity when it came to race and gender, Cooper's position as...

Tube Tied: The Wire, Mad Men, and the Ideal of Inclusivity in Popular Culture

I've been following the discussion about the representativeness of The Social Network, about whether it accurately depicts women and "toxic masculinity" in technology particularly—a conversation which, as I said last week, I've been sort of surprised we're even having. Such a jaded feminist have I become, I guess, since I'm now actively surprised when people actually care about how women are...

Political InQueery: Campaigns Run Afoul

I double-checked a map of the United States this evening just to make sure that Nevada is not on a border with Mexico, because an ad from Sharron Angle's campaign against Harry Reid implies that undocumented workers sneak into Nevada on a regular basis. Only the ad doesn't call them "undocumented workers," it just refers to "illegals," and I hate when people use adjectives as nouns. The...

Music Matters: Magic Songs

It's something I can never quite put my finger on but I use certain songs to play my own emotions like a musical instrument, to change the way I feel (as long as I can handle feeling something intensely).

Which songs do it for you?

Mad World: The Naked Truth

Calling all Mad World readers! Our second Mad World Forum is next week, on October 20, right here in Portland! We'll be discussing The Naked Truth: Body image, Photoshop, and Other Adventures in Advertising. Let's get started on that discussion right now, shall we?

Yes, let's.

Tube Tied: Towards a Feminist Theory of Superheroes: "No Ordinary Family"

It's been an abnormally bad year for new shows—there are few I'm sticking with past one episode. But so far, I'm still watching No Ordinary Family, a little one-hour drama from ABC that will air its third episode tonight. The premise is fairly simple: distracted, over-committed modern nuclear family goes on family vacation. They get into a plane crash in the jungle, mingle...

Projects to watch: Gay Genius comic anthology

Image by Edie Fake

Did someone say 120 perfect-bound pages of comics by queer artists? Gay Genius, an anthology of comics and graphic art is edited by small-press superstar Annie Murphy (featured on our blog here) and will be published by Sparkplug Comics--but it needs your help before it gets there.

Political InQueery: When Elections Matter

The U.S. presidential election in 2008 generated a turnout of voters not seen since the late 1960s. More than 63 percent of the eligible electorate cast votes for President, amounting to more than 128 million votes. If these 2010 midterm elections follow historical precedent, there will be 10-15 percent fewer voters at the polls than in the presidental election two years ago. That...

On Our Radar

Our antennae are up, and the hive is buzzing; here's what's been On Our Radar this week!

  • ABC has cancelled its new show Huge after less than one season. Our own Michelle Dean wrote about it here. Sign a petition to keep it on the air here! Interesting how the ABC website for the show has no mention of its cancellation...
  • Muslimah Media Watch has the lastest video...

Bitchtapes: Weathering the Storm

It's no surprise weather patterns appear so often in music. They, like music, can shape and reflect our moods at any given time. More importantly, they're good for a seemingly infinite number of metaphors. They can change from minute to minute. Just like your aching heart. They can rain on your parade. Just like, you know... rain. They can brighten up the ENTIRE PLANET! Just like EVERYTHING...