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The Body Electric: Tattoo Magazines and the Big Dumb

That's my arm. I thought it only fair, if discussing the representation of tattoos, to be up front about my own. This one, taken directly from a life science textbook, falls in line with most of the work I've had done: science-y and metaphorical: half-directive, half-reminder.

 I like getting tattooed. I like the ritual of it. I like the color, swell, the formation, the symbolism...

Bed, Bitch & Beyond: Rear-Ended by Porn

Since I wrote some posts blaming sexual behavior trends on porn--including the new enthusiasm for facial cumshots and FFM threesomes--I've gotten multiple reader mail requests to discuss one more staple of mainstream hetero porn: anal sex. A disclaimer before we start: I am not arguing against anal sex. There's nothing wrong with it. It can be pleasurable and enjoyable, and--as with...

She Pop-Oh Well, Whatever, Never Mind: On Misogyny, Courtney Love, and the Guitar Hero 5 Controversy

Oh, yay! It's time to demonize Courtney Love! Again! The ever-convenient target for would-be-rock dude misogyny has come under fire, yet again, for Activision's use of an unlockable Kurt Cobain avatar in Guitar Hero 5. 

The footage from the game is undeniably creepy and wrong, even if you aren't that sensitive about the merchandising of dead rock stars. It's hard to see how, short of...

The Body Electric: Whole Foods Tells Me What I Need

What does good health have to do with $$$? Whole Foods knows!

I Can Has Feminizm?

This season has been unofficially dubbed The Summer of Death, and unfortunately this past week was no exception. As pop culture loving feminists, we are all saddened by the passings of Patrick Swayze, Mary Travers, and Henry Gibson, to name only a few. We all grieve in different ways, to be sure, but a couple of LOL tributez never hurt anybody. In order to ease our collective pain, we bring...

Tube Tied: I'll Show You Indecency, Sir: A Rant

Because of Kanye West (about whom Sady has said most everything that need be said) there is some current bizarre preoccupation with the "lack of decency" in America today. As if in response, the FCC announced this week that it intended to reopen the investigation into the famous Timberlake/Jackson "wardrobe malfunction" at the 2004 Super Bowl. Adrift in the sea of flat-out crazy and disgusting...

Bitch Tapes: Equinox Edition

The autumnal equinox is still a few days away (and today is unseasonably warm), but I'm ready to break out the sweaters and hear the leaves crunch under my step. My last mix said hello to summer, so now I'll usher in the next season with these songs that speak to my autumn mood – either through lyrical reference or tone.

The Body Electric: Man Pad


Is the Tampax campaign transphobic, sexist, subversive, or--somehow--all of the above?

Bed, Bitch & Beyond: A Hook-Up Deferred--Shameless Tales of Reconnecting with High School Crushes

In which we explore what Time Magazine dubs "the retrosexual"--when reconnecting via Facebook gives you a second chance to hook up with that hot girl or guy you missed out on in high school, an experience poetically described as springing "from an intense, almost uncontrollable mixture of nostalgia and interest" (and perhaps, horniness).

Also featuring a...

Douchebag Decree: The coffee table book

This week's Douchebag Decree is a video book review of the new book The Quotable Douchebag,, a handy-dandy reference guide for knowing your d-bags!