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Tuning In: Sheryl Crow on Cougar Town

Why is Sheryl Crow on Cougar Town?

The Young and the Feckless: The Myth of Gen Y Homogeneity

An interesting question was raised in the comments section of my recent Model Behavior column and one that I'm no stranger to contemplating: Where is all of the research on and dialogue around the non-white, non-middle class Gen Y experience? Why do we only ever hear about student debt load and the plight of college grads who are moving back to the safe haven of Mom and Dad's suburban oasis? What...

Blogging Against Disablism Day: A Round-up

Blogging Against Disablism Day ("disablism" is the UK equivalent of "ableism") was started by Diary of Goldfish in 2006 to occur annually on May 1st and highlight online how disability discrimination is lived, discussed, and portrayed. Here's a handful of some of the great posts that went up this weekend...

May Day music mix

May Day is Saturday, the international worker's day. It's a holiday remembering the murder of protesters in Chicago in 1886 who were on strike for the 8 hour work day, but has grown to be a day for calling out against systems of oppression, and particularly war and capitalism.

It's celebrated almost everywhere around the world, although notably not here in the United States where the...

Pro-life teen activism? There's an app for that.


I know it seems like National Pro-Life Cupcake Day was just yesterday, but there's another way to engage young people in the anti-choice movement: National Pro-Life T-Shirt week!!

Linda Ronstadt: Defender of Freedom, Women, and Kickass Jams

I am a major fangirl for Linda Ronstadt for many reasons. Great music? Check. Awesome style that I try to copy? Check. Songs available at Karaoke bars? Check. Political activist, feminist, and defender of civil liberties? Check and check.

Freedom and pretty hair for all!

To back me up on that last point, the Christian Science Monitor has this story to share today: "Linda Ronstadt...

The Young and The Feckless: The Lady's Guide to Blogging

As a corollary to Wednesday's discussion of role models, I thought this was a fine time to advance my theory that there are precious few opportunities to make your digital bones as a female blogger. If you aren't willing to open an emotional vein or cannibalize your life for blog material, and if you can't leverage an offline profile a la Ariana Huffington or Michelle Malkin, good luck building a...

Tuning In: Christina Aguilera's "Not Myself Tonight"

My thoughts on Christina Aguilera's single and music video for "Not Myself Tonight."

Bitchcast: The Old Episode

It's the latest episode of Bitchcast! Taking cues from Issue 46, the podcast includes an interview with a feminist blogger who's wise but not old, an interview with members of the Meerkat Media Collective about their recent documentary where generations collide, an excerpt from the Old issue of Bitch, and a chat with one of the 90s biggest stars. Plus tunes from the Swedish melodic pop...

Inconsequential Girlishness: An Interview with Chally

My full-length interview with Chally, who talks about her love of sci-fi, why it's problematic to have feminist "icons," her experience as a teen in social justice movement, and of course, the internet! (The post title is tongue-in-cheek, by the way, she's anything but, as you'll see.)

Read Chally's work at Zero at the Bone, FWD, Radical Readers and Feministe. Interview transcript and...