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I Can Has Feminizm?

For the past three days, a few of us have been participating in the Console-ing Passions International Feminist Media conference at the University of Oregon. Some amazing feminist scholars are here from all over the world, sharing their thoughts on everything from post-racial readings of reality television to the ways in which new media are affecting labor politics. We're getting some great...

The Young and The Feckless: Sympathy for the Boomer

A couple of articles I read this week led me to ponder whether or not an antagonistic intergenerational rivalry-slash-pissing contest when it comes to who has it worse in the recessionary job market is truly warranted. It certainly makes a convenient (if overused) narrative, but, in the short-term, are Gen Y workers really the biggest victims of the downturn*? Sure, we've got student loan debt...

Douchebag Decree: Forgive Me Father For You Are a Douchebag!


If Sinead O'Connor can rip up a picture of the Pope, then I can certainly call him a douchebag! (See Mom and Dad, I can still make LSAT approved if/then statements). With the recent (read: this wave of crisis) sexual abuse scandal rocking the Catholic church, there is no other choice than to demand more of Pope Benedict XVI and unless he wants to keep being branded a big old...

Racism, Privilege, and Blog Comments

Many of you have likely seen, or even participated in, the comments sh*tstorm happening on Jessica Yee's post on Native appropriation from earlier this week. If you haven't, trust us that things have blown up over there, and not in a great way. We are working on a response to this blow up, as well as a change in our comments policy and perhaps an upping of our comment moderation (your input...

Tuning In: Liz Phair, composer

A brief consideration for Liz Phair's burgeoning career in television as a composer.

Raising Trouble: Girls vs. Boys

A study released yesterday of prospective adoptive parents found a huge preference for girls. What do we make of this?

Sm{Art}: You Just Sister Spit All Over Me!

I recently had the awareness-expanding pleasure of attending a Sister Spit performance (Michelle Tea, OMG)! In performance-mode were outstanding poets, writers, performance artists and basically super fantastic humans including: Silas Howard, Nicole J. Georges, Annie Danger, Len Plass and more more more!

B-Sides: News and Notes

After a string of EPs and self-released singles, Brighton's Peggy Sue finally have an LP out!!….. in the UK. Fossils and Other Phantoms will be released in the US in June, but if you're in Europe, you can probably see this soul folk wonderfulness live! Multi-instrumentalist original members Rosa Slade and Katy Young have absolutely gorgeous voices, and their live shows are supposed to...

File Under Spokespeople from Beyond the Grave: Bea Arthur Supports PETA

First it was Tiger Woods' deceased father chastising in the name of Nike, and now we have the late, great Bea Arthur reminding us to... not buy McDonald's? What to make of this?

Tuning In: Glee's "The Power of Madonna"

My thoughts on Glee's much-anticipated Madonna episode.