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SXSW Interactive: "Mainstream is Nothing": Felicia Day and Christopher "moot" Poole

My take on the Felicia Day and Christopher "moot" Poole keynotes at SXSW 2011.

The Games We Play: What Are You Playing?

Gaming is interactive, and I would like to hit the pause menu and turn back to all of you, the faithful who have come 'round to engage me in these discussions (don't worry, I won't let the Deamons' Souls get you, this pause works, go answer your phone!). Consider this the cut scene before Act II or whatever.

No Kidding: The Dreaded Overpopulation Conversation

At some point in discussions about being childfree, the inevitable "I don't contribute to overpopulation" argument shows up. It's one of the most complicated for an environmentalist like me because taking that stance immediately implies others do not care for the world in the same way that the speaker does. That's a subjective assessment that is just not true.

Sex and the Fat Girl: Personal Style as Political Resistance

In a previous post about beauty standards/ideals, I suggested that fat women loving their bodies and viewing themselves as beautiful subverts the dominant beauty paradigm. One method of expressing your love for your body is through the action of dressing it according to your own personal style—whether you're a full-blown fatshionista or a jeans and t-shirts kind of girl. I...

SXSW Interactive: Feminist Drama, Female Tech Founders, and Branding Birth Control

SXSW Interactive had an overwhelming amount of panels, conversations, and sessions that covered more tech talk you could shake a joystick at. Here's a quick round-up of three panels I saw, including Internet drama from a feminist perspective, the brainstorming behind, and how female entrepreneurs fare in the tech world.

Douchebag Decree: Martin Harty, Unabashed Ableist

Remember when Andre Bauer equated poor kids with stray animals and condemned free lunches because he doesn't want them to "breed"? Well, New Hampshire now-ex-lawmaker Martin Harty has joined him in a special level of doucheland with jaw-dropping comments about people with disabilities.

SXSW Music: Thursday

A rundown of what I saw on the third night of the music portion of SXSW.

Tropes vs. Women: #1 The Manic Pixie Dream Girl

The Manic Pixie Dream Girl is a cute, bubbly, young (usually white) woman who has recently entered the life of our brooding hero to teach him how to loosen up and enjoy life. While that might sound all well and good for the man, this trope leaves women as simply there to support the star on his journey of self discovery with no real life of her own.

Adventures in Feministory: Women Sing the Blues

To look in the "Blues" section of most record stores, you'd think it was only men who had troubles worth singing about. This week it is my pleasure to prove this assumption SPECTACULARLY WRONG, with a glimpse at some of the women who have howled, growled, whimpered and moaned their way through the Blues.

BiblioBitch: Maxine Banks is Getting Married

Lori Aurelia Williams has been one of my favorite authors since high school, when I was lucky enough to stumble across When Kambia Elaine Flew In From Neptune. Williams' debut novel was a poetic, mesmerizing story of a working-class family in Houston. It also was the rare story to deal with sexual abuse in a believable yet unexploitative manner, as the narrator slowly...