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Mad World: Console-ing Passions Popaganda!

To bring you this week's installment in our Mad World series, Bitch went on-location to Console-ing Passions, an international conference on media and feminism. We figured that with big questions like, "How is technology influencing advertising effects?" and "Where are the women in media creation and distribution?" we needed to consult the experts.

Did someone say experts? We...

Open Thread: M.I.A.'s new video "Born Free"

M.I.A. is not shying away from controversy in her new video, the latest in epic music videos that would never get aired on TV, and weren't made to (a phenom that doesn't look like it's going away any time soon). Cinematic but super violent, it's definitely a commentary on oppressive military governments and cultural profiling. To M.I.A.'s disappointment, it was banned from YouTube within a day...

Tuning In: Victorious not quite a triumph

Nickelodeon's Victorious considers the life of a girl training to become a pop sensation.

The Young and The Feckless: Millennials and the Morality of Money

Although dour, USA Today's stats-heavy piece on Gen Y's financial woes isn't anything we haven't heard before. We're the first generation in a century likely to end up monetarily worse off than our parents. Student debt load has increased 24% since 2004. 37% of 18-29 year-olds are underemployed or unemployed. And the beat goes on and on. Photo by stuartpilbrow

Adventures in Feministory: Sara Estela Ram

Called the "muse of Texas" in her 1910 obituary, Sara Estela Ramírez was a poet and activist in the politically-charged border town of Laredo, and used her words to inspire workers and women alike.

Bitchtapes: Actual Feminist Rappers

Kelsey's postings of the "Feminist Rappers" videos drew more than laughs--it had some commenters asking, "But what about the real feminist rappers?"

So here's a genre- decade-spanning compilation of feminist rappers, hip-hoppers, and spoken word artists, from the 90s beats of Yo Yo to the indie crossover of Mirah and Katastrophe. Don't forget to add your recs!

I Can Has Feminizm?

For the past three days, a few of us have been participating in the Console-ing Passions International Feminist Media conference at the University of Oregon. Some amazing feminist scholars are here from all over the world, sharing their thoughts on everything from post-racial readings of reality television to the ways in which new media are affecting labor politics. We're getting some great...

The Young and The Feckless: Sympathy for the Boomer

A couple of articles I read this week led me to ponder whether or not an antagonistic intergenerational rivalry-slash-pissing contest when it comes to who has it worse in the recessionary job market is truly warranted. It certainly makes a convenient (if overused) narrative, but, in the short-term, are Gen Y workers really the biggest victims of the downturn*? Sure, we've got student loan debt...

Douchebag Decree: Forgive Me Father For You Are a Douchebag!


If Sinead O'Connor can rip up a picture of the Pope, then I can certainly call him a douchebag! (See Mom and Dad, I can still make LSAT approved if/then statements). With the recent (read: this wave of crisis) sexual abuse scandal rocking the Catholic church, there is no other choice than to demand more of Pope Benedict XVI and unless he wants to keep being branded a big old...

Racism, Privilege, and Blog Comments

Many of you have likely seen, or even participated in, the comments sh*tstorm happening on Jessica Yee's post on Native appropriation from earlier this week. If you haven't, trust us that things have blown up over there, and not in a great way. We are working on a response to this blow up, as well as a change in our comments policy and perhaps an upping of our comment moderation (your input...