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I Can Has Feminizm?

It's Saturday again, so hit the mute button on those cartoons, put down your bowl of fruit loops, and get ready for some feminist LOL-ing!

Our first feminist kitteh took a peek at Annalee's blog post, The New York Times "Reaches Out to Heavier Young Women." She didn't like what the Gray Lady had to say about fat acceptance, either:

And speaking of animals responding the...

Bitch Tapes: Summertime, and the Living

It's nearly officially summer, and in the Northwest, the sun takes its sweet time getting here and staying for the season. So, for those that need some help getting into the summertime mood, or just want a soundtrack for the season, here are some literal and figurative songs about summer, warm weather, and their varied effects on us.

Are Questions about Feminism Being Obsolete Obsolete?

CNN: The Most Boring Name in Yesterday's News

The New York Times "Reaches Out to Heavier Young Women"

Wednesday's New York Times Fashion & Style section featured an article on the recent "outpouring of fashions aimed at trend-driven, round-figured teenagers and young women." Round-figured? Outpouring? Is that model in the frozen food section of a grocery store?

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How my dad made me the feminist I am

Despite all the news of daughters making dads liberal and/or feminist, I freely admit that my dad was key to my development as a feminist. It's ironic because he's such an old school Mexican man. He grew up in Mexico and immigrated here when he was a teen. He didn't think it was proper for me to hang out with my friends who were boys when I had a boyfriend. He's actually pretty conservative and...

Douchebag Decree: For a Few Republicans, Racist Jokes Are the Life of the Party


This nice weather must be putting me in a good mood because I had a hard time figuring out who I was going to write this week's Douchebag Decree about. Then I found Rusty DePass, a former chairman of the South Carolina Election Commission and proud Republican activist. He garnered national attention a few days ago after posting a comment on his Facebook page calling an escaped...

Where Have All the Riot Grrrls Gone? Pop Music and "Post-Feminism"

There was a pretty interesting article in yesterday's Houston Chronicle about some of today's female pop stars. The author, Steve Haruch, describes how candy pop acts like The Veronicas, Katy Perry, and Lady GaGa are consistently referred to as "post-feminist" by the media without there being much evidence for the claim (save for perhaps some glitter and a song about faux-lesianism). I agree...

PETA is a Bunch of Bull

Good thing Carol Adams' The Sexual Politics of Meat is being re-released this year. Twenty years after its original publication and still PETA thinks objectifying women is an effective strategy to end animal cruelty.

Gay Animals: They're All Around You!

Not only is it natural to be gay, but biologists this week reported that same-sex mating is a nearly universal phenomena. It turns out 30 percent of one type of female Hawaiian albatross rears chicks with, well, other chicks. Let's hear some cheers for the queers! In an article published this week in journal Trends in Ecology and Evolution researchers Nathan Bailey and Marlene Zuk basically...