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Sex-Based Abortion Legislation: WTF?

Faithful blog readers, I need your help understanding something. My "gender" Google news feed has been blowing up lately with stories regarding the legislation of sex-based abortions. Apparently, such abortions have recently been ruled illegal in Sweden and legal in Oklahoma.

Now, I understand there being concern over sex-based abortions. Technology is advancing at a rate that allows...

BitchTapes: Your slice of WAKE UP heaven

Even though I'm currently on vacation, I still need an extra boost to get out of bed sometimes. Coffee is great and a cold shower is effective, but neither are as fun as listening to jumpy, catchy music. So, consider this your 25.4 minutes slice of WAKE UP heaven.

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It's time for Bitch's New Deal

Many of you are anxiously awaiting your summer issue of Bitch, which was due to hit your mailboxes at the end of this month. Well, there's been a slight change of plans. You'll still be getting that issue...but not until September.

We know, it sucks. But here's the deal: As most Bitch, readers already know, the past few years have been a time of flux, both for Bitch and for the...

Siliconned: The Duality of Digital Divide

I thought I'd take a moment to passively juxtapose a couple of articles about women and computers I've seen bouncing around the world wide interwebs this week.

Donald Trump: No douchebag trumps The Don

These pages have yet to honor King Douche, but of course it was only a matter of time. This week The Donald - speaking of anti-gay activist and Miss America contestant Carrie Prejean - reminded the world that if you're not hot, no one cares what you think. But that's just the low hanging fruit...let's take a look at some of Mr. Trumps doucheyist days over recent years.

30 Rock and Liz Lemon and Feminism - Oh Blurg!

From her television appearance as a phone sex operator to her penchant for night cheese, 30 Rock's Liz Lemon has provided a lot of laughs this season. Since the season finale of 30 Rock airs tonight on NBC, this seems like as good of a time as any to revisit some of Lemon's more memorable third-season moments. Since this is Bitch, this also seems like as good of a time as any to ask the...

Wondering What This Is? Yeah, Me Too.

So, I'm scrolling through my Google Reader today and noticed several posts about Japanese inventions. One creeped me out a bit. One made me giggle. One made me groan. And one left me feeling a little confused.

"Precious" Set for Nationwide Release

Several years ago, I read the novel Push written by performance poet, Sapphire.  I remember climbing into bed one night to read it and finishing it at about 5 AM.  Several times I had to put the book down for a few minutes, just to get myself together, to breathe.   Once I put the book down for the final time, I still couldn't sleep: I was emotionally wrung out and deeply disturbed.  It's hard...

A Sharp Tongue Flows from the Motherland

Politically motivated and feminist-y hip-hop artist Nakaaya Sumari just signed to Sony Music after her independently released debut album, Nervous Conditions, took East Africa by storm last year. Will she be able to maintain the radical spirit of her music on a major label?

For Realz?: Reluctantly Liking RHONY Alex

I have yet another reality TV confession for you -- out of all the Real Housewives of New York City, I think I like Alex McCord the best. The vaguely superior-acting social climbery one with the crazy clingy husband (in the red pants in that picture)? With the nude photos? [NSFW] Yeah, her! I know, I can't believe it myself! But you know, I think I like her brand of Real Housewives...