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Sm{Art}: You Just Sister Spit All Over Me!

I recently had the awareness-expanding pleasure of attending a Sister Spit performance (Michelle Tea, OMG)! In performance-mode were outstanding poets, writers, performance artists and basically super fantastic humans including: Silas Howard, Nicole J. Georges, Annie Danger, Len Plass and more more more!

B-Sides: News and Notes

After a string of EPs and self-released singles, Brighton's Peggy Sue finally have an LP out!!….. in the UK. Fossils and Other Phantoms will be released in the US in June, but if you're in Europe, you can probably see this soul folk wonderfulness live! Multi-instrumentalist original members Rosa Slade and Katy Young have absolutely gorgeous voices, and their live shows are supposed to...

File Under Spokespeople from Beyond the Grave: Bea Arthur Supports PETA

First it was Tiger Woods' deceased father chastising in the name of Nike, and now we have the late, great Bea Arthur reminding us to... not buy McDonald's? What to make of this?

Tuning In: Glee's "The Power of Madonna"

My thoughts on Glee's much-anticipated Madonna episode.

The Young and The Feckless: Casual Sex Meets Cognitive Dissonance

Last week, a reader sent a link to a Slate article on the new wave of sexual judgment-mongering among Gen Y and suggested I might want to address the issue here. I wasn't sure I was the one to write this because A) I spent my college years (undergrad and grad) at schools and/or in programs that lacked the traditional qualities necessary to foster a thriving campus hook-up culture - no Greek...

Raising Trouble: In Defense of Brangelina

"Raising Trouble" has been silent for too long on the absurd hubbub surrounding Brangelina "dressing Shiloh as a boy."

Mad World: Fembots, Advertising and Male Fantasy

Advertisers are tapping into some of the most misogynistic male fantasies when they use futuristic fembots to convince men to buy their products. They are selling a fantasy of control by turning women into obedient, mute, homemaking, sex slaves.

Why on earth wasn't Kick-Ass called Hit Girl?

Kick-Ass, the new R-rated movie based on the R-rated comic book, follows a few masked-and-caped citizens whose paths cross over mob dealings and misunderstandings. The Watchmen it's not, but the introduction of a pint-sized heroine who plays with butterfly knives instead of Barbies sets it apart from other superhero flicks. Watching the movie, I found that when I wasn't wincing at the violence...

Feminist Rapper: This is What A Feminist Looks Like

Time for the third and final installment of Feminist Rapper! Watch as Jenny Hagel's feminist rapper convinces her mugger that feminists shouldn't fight feminists. (Trigger Warning: There is a mugging scene at gunpoint.)

Newsflash, Forbes: Blogging is Work. Now Pay Up.

Apparently, the wealth giant Forbes recently put out a call for media bloggers. The catch? The gig doesn't pay anything.

Pay for blogging? Bitch, please.

I don't know about you all, but I am so over the "new media" notion that blogging grows in a magic orchard on pretty trees and therefore should be free of charge. Um, it's called WORK, fools. Anyone else continue to run into...