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Wondering What This Is? Yeah, Me Too.

So, I'm scrolling through my Google Reader today and noticed several posts about Japanese inventions. One creeped me out a bit. One made me giggle. One made me groan. And one left me feeling a little confused.

"Precious" Set for Nationwide Release

Several years ago, I read the novel Push written by performance poet, Sapphire.  I remember climbing into bed one night to read it and finishing it at about 5 AM.  Several times I had to put the book down for a few minutes, just to get myself together, to breathe.   Once I put the book down for the final time, I still couldn't sleep: I was emotionally wrung out and deeply disturbed.  It's hard...

A Sharp Tongue Flows from the Motherland

Politically motivated and feminist-y hip-hop artist Nakaaya Sumari just signed to Sony Music after her independently released debut album, Nervous Conditions, took East Africa by storm last year. Will she be able to maintain the radical spirit of her music on a major label?

For Realz?: Reluctantly Liking RHONY Alex

I have yet another reality TV confession for you -- out of all the Real Housewives of New York City, I think I like Alex McCord the best. The vaguely superior-acting social climbery one with the crazy clingy husband (in the red pants in that picture)? With the nude photos? [NSFW] Yeah, her! I know, I can't believe it myself! But you know, I think I like her brand of Real Housewives...

Double X Thinks Feminism Is Both Dead and Hurting Us. ZOMBIE FEMINISM!

We're exhausted here at Bitch headquarters today by all of the weirdness that's happening on Double X, the new online women's magazine that is a version of the eponymous Slate blog. Apparently, the folks over at Double X don't want to identify as being feminist, but they sure love talking about how feminism is dead. And out to get us. ZOMBIE FEMINISM!

Since Double X launched...

Ode to the women of CSI Vegas

A few episodes back on CSI Vegas, we got to see the geeky (or rather the super-geeky) side of lab tech Wendy Simms. In addition to loving horror films and working in a lab, it turns out Wendy is an unabashed 'Quester' (in the fictional world of CSI, that's the equivalent of being a Trekker/Trekkie). She's discovered at a convention by her equally geeky lab colleague, Hodges, and the awkward,...

(Trans)Gender and (Gay)Marriage: All Kinds of Complicated

Well, well, well. Look who's joining the pomo party now that we're post-postmodernism. Why is the New York Times always so late to the game?

"The black dyke got it wrong" says the ever...quotable Christopher Hitchens.

As if Wanda Sykes could give a two shits about the "rules" to which he refers--rules which presumably don't apply to people who look like Rush Limbaugh, but do apply to people who look like Wanda Sykes.  For more from the "We Can Dish It, But We Can't Take It" files, read on...

I won't even bother to add anything to...

Fairuz: Legendary Chanteuse of Lebanon

Singer, Fairuz (Lebanese for 'turquoise'), is one of Lebanon's most celebrated national treasures. Don't take my word for it though—she's often referred to as the Soul of Lebanon, our Ambassador to the Stars, the Arab's Ambassador, Neighbor to the Moon and the Poet of the Voice. Listen to her amazing voice after the jump!

Selena Roberts, Part Two

This past week, sports-wise, we had a bit of a truth crisis. We had Manny Ramirez's 50-game suspension for testing positive for a banned substance—about which he had previously lied. We had the release of a book on Alex Rodriguez—who also previously lied about his steroid use. The book was written by a woman who, while not a liar, plays dangerous games with what's true.