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The Young and The Feckless: Class Conundrum

Watching Bristol Palin's teen pregnancy PSA the other day and reading reactions to it (including Bitch's own Kelsey Wallace), I was reminded of a question that I've been turning over in my mind lately, namely who has the authority/credibility/legitimacy to speak to issues of class and privilege? While I think Palin's spot fails as a warning against teen pregnancy, it does offer a frank (if...

Yes! No! Wait, What Was the Question?

"Now when I listen to a really good song, I start nodding my head like I'm saying yes to every beat. 'Yes! Yes! Yes, this rocks!' And then sometimes I switch up with 'No! No! No, don't stop a'rockin!'"

–Homer Simpson

Give it up for the power of yes! And the power of no! Give it up for choice!

Raising Trouble: An Institute of Her Own

The Geena Davis Institute - how cool is that? - unleashes the wrath of Thelma on the kid-u-tainment industry.

Read My Bitch: A new podcast by Bitch Media

Read My Bitch is a brand-new audio segment that features Bitch Magazine readers and subscribers sharing one of their favorite articles from the archives by reading it aloud and discussing it afterwards. For our first episode, Kristin reads aloud "Harriet and Claudia, where have you gone? Notes on the gender divide in children's literature," by Monica T. Nolan, which was printed in Issue 15,...

Welcome to Kabletown, Population: Irony (Sort of)

If you've been watching 30 Rock this season, you might be familiar with Kabletown, the fictional media company that is in the process of purchasing NBC on the show. If you've been paying attention to media news recently, you might be familiar with Comcast, the real media company that is in the process of purchasing NBC in real life. Art imitates life! Even when life is in a Brave New...

Douchebag Decree: GameCrush

Get your barf bags ready, 'cause this one's a doozy. GameCrush is a douchetastic new web service wherein men pay women to play video games with them. Don't even bother clicking on that link - the beta version has been down almost since the day it went live earlier this week, crushed (har har) by the overwhelming user response.

Advocate or Hypocrite? Bristol Palin's New PSA

The new PSA from the Candie's Foundation:

Get the Candies - Bristol Palin - PSA widget and many other great free widgets at Widgetbox! Not seeing a widget? (More info)

Sm{art}: MOMA Curator to Gaga: ur sooo not an artist.


Say what you will about Lady Gaga (she's important for feminists, she's anti-feminist, she's just downright confusing, etc.) but you have to admit that she knows how to put it out there. Her whole existence in the public sphere reads as a giant performance piece (the costumes! the bizarre behavior! the rumors! the extravagant videos!) so it's no surprise that she considers herself a...

The Young and The Feckless: Cash vs. Cachet: The Potential Intern's Quandary

One thing you'll notice if you spend any time following youth issues in the media is that coverage comes in waves. The Pew releases a report, new employment stats for the quarter come out, etc. and all of the mainstream outlets take a turn at reinventing the wheel via their own spins on the story du jour. In the last few days, the illegal and, in some quarters, unethical nature of unpaid...

Tuning In: Janelle Mon

A look at Janelle Monáe's music video for "Tightrope."