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Mad World: Who's afraid of (being) the big bad feminist?

First things first: All of us at Bitch HQ are bursting with excitement because the folks at Oregon Humanities have awarded us a grant to explore the intersections of advertising, feminism, and media literacy. This virtual symposium is called "Mad World: Gender, Advertising, and Identity in a Mediated World" and over the next eight months you'll be seeing articles, blog posts, podcasts, and...

The Biotic Woman: My Enviro-Oscars Roundup

Even before I did my stint in a graduate film program, I was a pretty big fan of the Academy Awards. Though I've gotten increasingly less glamorous in my old age, I still enjoy the consistency of the red carpet style. But in terms of the environmental effects of the Academy Awards, I can only shake my head. The crazy electrical bills? The grotesque waste? The blood diamonds paraded around on loan...

On the Map: Creatively Fighting Racism

Favianna Rodriguez's work bridges the gap between social justice movements and the marginalized individuals with which community organizers work. "I use art to transform global politics," she says.

Artwork by Favianna Rodriguez

Open Thread: Celebrating International Women's Day

Happy International Women's Day, everyone! This year, the folks at International Women's Day are asking us to reflect on "equal rights, equal opportunity, and progress for all." What does this mean to you? Are you doing anything to celebrate International Women's Day in your community?

Reproductive Writes: Breaking The Bond

ABC News has uncovered an as-yet-unreleased report from the California Department of Health that shows that the number of maternal deaths in the US has tripled in the last decade.

Poehler Goes Wild in "Wild Girls Gone"

It's just about time for Spring Break, and you know what that means don't you? Well, for some of you it might mean a trip down to Señor Tadpole's to have a margarita made in your mouth, but if you're a pop culture lovin' feminist with a day job to keep, this year it means another Spring Break-themed Amy Poehler movie! (Yes, I said another. You have seen Spring Breakdown, haven't you?) This one...

Reproductive Writes: Sex In The Dark

Writer for the Washington City Paper Amanda Hess took to the streets to interview men on their knowledge of birth control methods for her column The Sexist. She turned up much confusion, some blind optimism and a whole lot of ignorance.

I Can Has Feminizm?

Oh noes, readerz! It appears that we are in the midst of a LOLscandal! According to some recent blog posts Ben Huh, creator of I Can Has Cheezburger? (home of the original LOLcat) is not paying his workers a living wage. From Valleywag:

A Cheezburger spy tells us says Huh's work ethos is deeply felt and permeates his company; our tipster said there are a significant number of minimum-wage...

Sapphic Salon: 5 New Books by Queer Women You Should Read Now

In a time when Sarah Palin's memoir is a best seller, it can be hard to locate books by out women at major bookstores. But even if you have to use the internet or (even better) support your local feminist/queer shop, there are quality books being published that are way more worth your time.

Terry CastleThe Professor


BitchTapes: Revenge of the Pop Punk

My last pop punk BitchTape was so much fun to compile, I just had to make a sequel (plus I somehow forgot Lemuria before - an egregious oversight). Enjoy!