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Beat the Majority - Name a Female Scientist

Beauty company and science scholarship provider L'Oreal surveyed 1,000 Americans this spring and asked them to name a single female scientist. The result was an EPIC FAIL! While 97 percent of respondents believed that women could make significant contributions to science (personal aside: terrible three percent, you're probably that uncle everyone hates. I hope you choke on your sandwich.) 65...

I Can Has Feminizm?

As you may have seen in Nicole J. Georges' tributes to gay animals, we are learning that gender in the animal kingdom is just as fluid for cats, dogs, giraffes, birds, and monkeys as it is for us humans. Why is it, then, that we still encourage animals (humans included) to conform to antiquated gender roles? Some members of the animal kingdom have had enough of this, like this doggeh who is sick...

Drop Dead Diva: Sunday Night's Big Comedy

Margaret Cho explores body image and self-love in her new television series Drop Dead Diva. I recently watched the pilot episode and spoke to Cho about her involvement in the show. The first person to be cast, Cho believes DDD has the opportunity to reach a diverse audience with the message that fat women's beauty is not just internal.

Music on Mississippi!

Thank you to everyone who came out last night to the fabulous Mississippi Studios! And thanks to all the bands who played--Katie Sawicki, Boy Eats Drum Machine,and Sugar Short Wave!

If Kelsey's excellent Motown mix wasn't enough to kick off your weekend right, enjoy Sallie Ford & the Sound Outside's finale for the night, "Danger." Ride, Sallie, Ride!

BitchTapes: Best of Motown

Earlier this week, television stations around the globe clamored to cover Michael Jackson's memorial service, and tens of millions of us turned on the tube (or the internet) to watch. Now, before you write this post off as another hastily-made MJ mixtape tribute (not that there'd be anything wrong with that), give me a minute.

One of the things that struck a chord with me during the 177...

The Power and Protest of Public Sexuality in India

Trouble, thy name is woman. India is a country in the throes of a sexual revolution, and young women are firmly planted at the center of the controversy.

In some of the world's most populous cities, generational and ideological divides have become starkly visible. Saris, salwaar kameez, and kurtas are being replaced by jeans and t-shirts—or, even more scandalous, mini skirts and tank tops...

All Aboard the Douchebag Train! A Roundup.

Hang onto your hats because there is a freight of douchebags in this post! We've got no-bit bloggers, a conservative take on Sarah Palin, THis week the douchebags around the internet really started to mount up! We've got Baywatch on the bigscreen, a feminist (?!) playmate, a clueless congressman, and more!

Sm[art]: The Sillhouette Animation of Lotte Reiniger

Over 80 years ago, the first feature-length animated movie was produced, not by a bunch of dudes and their rodent-obsessed leader, but by a German woman named Lotte Reiniger. Reiniger created her own style of animation, called sihouette animation, by taking what she loved about shadow puppet theatre—namely the cut-out puppets and backgrounds—and with her husband as cameraman, adapted...

Girls' (Toys) Gone Wild!

Nostalgia for the past has been rearing its feathered head in marketing campaigns over the past several years, and it doesn't look like it's going anywhere. Retro styles, re-released music, and 80s cartoons (Transformers, anyone?) are being made over for the new millennium as consumable items for a whole new crop of youngsters with babysitting money burning a whole in their pockets. And while...

Strange Sex Ed Tools from Around the World!

I'm always interested in how people in different regions, cultures and religions go about teaching sex ed. While I got the two awkward puberty videos in elementary school and a few "this is a vagina" overhead project lessons in high school, I think almost everything I knew about sex growing up came from Seinfeld. I recently bought this art book 1000 Extraordinary Objects which is, as you'd...