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Bitchtapes: Leading Ladies

While I like Iggy and the Stooges, Huey Lewis and the News, and Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros, this week's Bitchtapes mix is dedicated to the women who front bands not just musically but by name as well. From country to soul, and the sixties to today, here's a pack of leading ladies to get your weekend going!

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TelevIsm: The Offensive Olympics - South Park vs. Family Guy

Image: Cartman looks angrily at the camera in front of a tank full of manatees and balls.

Both South Park and Family Guy have issues. But which privilege do they insist upon most thoroughly? At what rate do these shows oppress which bodies, and in what way? Which is more offensive? In the next few posts, I'm going to take a quantitative (though inherently subjective, of course)...

Snarky's Cinemachine Classic: Strange Days

When Kathryn Bigelow nabbed the Best Director Oscar in March for The Hurt Locker, critics such as The Guardian's Richard Adams wrote perceptive analyses of the film's erasure of Iraqi voices. However, in addition to Adams' pointed critiques there was a bit of concern trolling as to the choice of subject matter frequently explored in Bigelow's work, echoing some of the similar...

Political InQueery: Protest of the Flying Object Kind

A pretty obvious statement to make in these times is that the U.S. electorate is polarized. Long understood that so-called hot button issues like reproductive rights weren't a topic that everyone would agree on, other policies have jumped on the bandwagon, so much so, that now I'm a little shocked it hasn't crumbled beneath the weight of it all: same-sex marriage, prayer in schools, how much...

Douchebag Decree: Terry "Creepy Uncle" Richardson

Disclaimer: I'm about to shamefully make a Huey Lewis & the News reference: It's hip to be...a perv? Well, Terry Richardson seems to think so. Ever since sexual abuse allegations against the hipster icon surfaced, the blogosphere has been commenting on the subsequent shit storms that keep popping up around this perv. So, it's about time that we deem Richardson a douchebag.

Meat is for what now? Marketing veganism the wrong way

You're looking at the cover of a new book by John Joseph, New York native and author of The Evolution of a Cro-Magnon. Besides grimacing, my other first reaction to the book was Malori Maloney's assessment of Skinny Bastard - the male-marketed follow-up to the "vegan/animal rights manifesto wrapped in chick-lit veneer" Skinny Bitch. Malori wrote, "What could be an awesome vegan...

The Lady Is a Tramp: What isn

Looking at Bitch's archives, I know some people might have known—if not celebrated—National Masturbation Month, which was last month (and every May). But I has this nagging feeling that, as much as we talk about feminism freeing people from oppression's proverbial yokes to explore what turns them on, feminism isn't really discussing probably one of the first sexual acts that some of...

TV University: Where my girls at?

The Huffington Post has a piece up today called "TV University: Meet The Faculty". It's a clever idea–a faculty roster for a university comprised entirely of television (and some film) characters teaching courses that play to their fictional strengths. So Dr. Who is the Dean of the Science Department, Stringer Bell teaches Transitional Business Management, and so on. The only problem?...

Sm{art}: RIP Spiderwoman

Sculptor Louise Bourgeois created an array of surreal images in her career, many of which address psychological phenomena in physically mutated or twisted figurative forms. But perhaps Bourgeois, nicknamed "Spiderwoman," will be remembered by much of the public who encountered her work for placing dozens of giant bronze spiders worldwide. She died last week, aged 98.

We'll miss you, Rue McClanahan.

Television icon (and feminist favorite) Rue McClanahan passed away this morning at the age of 76. She was best known for her role as Blanche Devereaux on the classic sitcom The Golden Girls (though I probably didn't have to tell you that). Blanche was always my very favorite of the four Golden Girls. I loved her Southern wit and charm and her unabashed sexiness (oh, and I thought her flowing...