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For Realz?: Jon Minus Kate

I've only watched a couple episodes of Jon and Kate Plus 8, the TLC reality TV show hit with the family raising 8 year old twins and 5 year old sextuplets, and should say upfront that I find it a hard show to watch because matriarch Kate is so mean to her husband Jon -- but is anyone else finding the tabloid coverage of Jon's shady behavior with an 18-year-old a little feministly troubling?...

Selena Roberts, Part One

So, Selena Roberts' Alex Rodriguez book, A-rod: The Many Lives of Alex Rodriguez, hit the shelves yesterday—earlier than its original release date, due to the jib-jab ratcheted up by the recent reportage on leaked bits of the book. I would be remiss in not mentioning A-rod, but, really…I don't want to read it. God, please don't make me read it. OK, I'm gonna hafta read it.

Bollywood Barbie

Barbie was all over the Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai this year. The doll celebrated its 50th Anniversary by sponsoring the event. At first I thought it was the company's obliviousness to irony that prompted the fashion show sponsorship, but then it all came together when I read this article last week.

Exhale on Mother's Day

I became pregnant, the first time, in October 1997. Starting in my earliest days of trying to conceive, I kept a stack of pregnancy-related books on my nightstand, and I read through them religiously several times a day, every day. Given all that, I'm sure I must have skimmed over the sobering statistic--an estimated 1/3 of pregnancies end in miscarriage--at least once during my...

Bitchin' Round-Up: Utne Reader, Globe and Mail, Salon, and The Washington Post Edition

Sometimes people like to mention Bitch in their newspapers, blogs, and magazines. Be this coverage good, bad, or indifferent, we round it up and put it in a nice little package for you. (Maybe it's just our egos talking, but we like to think you enjoy it.) Check out the Bitch news in this round-up, starting with the exciting announcement that...

Bitch has been nominated for an Utne...

Adventures in Feministory: Mary Anning, Fossil Hunter

Lots of twelve-year olds are crazy about dinosaurs, and who can blame them? Dinosaurs are awesome. Rarely, however, does a twelve-year old come along who supports her entire family with her knowledge of dinosaurs, and then goes on to become one of the world's most influential fossil hunters. Mary Anning, the subject of this week's installment of Adventures in Feministory, did just that -- and...

Help a Mother Out!

Mother's Day is this Sunday, and while we're sure your mom can't wait to spend some quality time with you, one organization is hoping you'll do a little more than shell out for brunch and a movie with your own maternal unit. Bay Area microcharity Help a Mother Out was formed when two local mothers — one of whom is former Bitch editor and eternal Friend of Bitch Rachel Fudge — began...

Senior Moment : an Interview with Ariel Schrag

During the 1990s, while still in high school, Ariel Schrag produced a number of autobiographical comics — Awkward, about her freshman year, Definition, about her sophomore year, and Potential, about her junior year. The series started off as a relatively light, entertaining look at high school life — crushes, getting drunk, obsessing about bands, hanging out with friends. Over the course of the...

Take a Gaycation to Homo-A-Gogo

A celebration of all things queer, Homo-A-Gogo will take place August 13th-16th in San Francisco, CA.

(Photo by Erica Beckman)

Moving Beyond the Money Shot: Feminist Porn Awards

Organized by a woman-owned sex-toy shop in Toronto, Ontario and located in a church, the Feminist Porn Awards just might win the title of most ironic award competition, uh, ever—and maybe the most outrageously fun and sexy one too!