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Independent Media is Dead?

The death certificate was signed about a year ago, around the time that Ira Glass of This American Life fame ditched independence in style. We have to quote him, because no paraphrase does it justice:

Foul Play: How Colleges Screw Over Female Coaches

A new investigation reveals how NCAA schools discriminate against women in athletics.

How "Fargo" Captures the Sad Realities of Toxic Masculinity

In an era of #MasculinitySoFragile, the 20-year-old film's portrayal of repressed feelings still resonates. 

Michelle Gonzales's New Memoir Details Punk History Through a Xicana Feminist Perspective

In The Spitboy Rule, Gonzales's unique experience and perspective document a critical moment in punk culture.

In Her Memoir, Diane Guerrero Showcases the Struggles and Resilience of An Undocumented Family

Orange is the New Black star Diane Guerrero opens up about her family in her memoir "In the Country We Love."

On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Today we're reading about the lie of the perfect body, anger management, and the all-male panel.

Loretta Lynch on Anti-LGBT Law: "All It Does Is Harm Innocent Americans.”

The attorney general said bathroom bills are "state-sanctioned discrimination" in a press conference announcing that the Justice Department will be suing North Carolina for civil rights violations. 

"Love & Friendship" & Gender Politics: The New Film is a Fresh Take on Jane Austen

Don't let Austen exhaustion keep you from this entirely delightful new film adaptation of her novella.

New Music Monday: Susan

Full of layered harmonies and jangly guitar, Susan feels like a soundtrack for a long scenic drive with all of the windows down. 

Web Series "Anarkali" Centers on Brown Love, Heartbreak, and Friendship

"We've never seen what it's like for brown girls to date in the diaspora."