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The Brilliance of Effie Brown

Effie Brown is the only reason to watch Project Greenlight. But she is a dang good reason. 

"Freeheld" is a Big Gay Rollercoaster, Full of Giddy Highs and Unfortunate Lows

Ellen Page and Julianne Moore star in the film about a real-life couple fighting to love eachother in the face of homophobia. 

About the Cover: The Blood & Guts Issue

Heart and home, pain and pleasure, animal and identity. I was pretty set on using this particular image from the start.

On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Today we're reading about offensive costumes, Gamergate, and the Spring Valley assault. 

Ask Bear: How Do I Get Okay With Being Bad At Stuff?

This week in advice: How do you get over anxiety about being bad at stuff like sports and drawing? 

Carrie Brownstein Discusses Her New Memoir "Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl"

The actor and Sleater-Kinney member talked with us about nostalgia, fandom, and feminism. 

For Black Students, Putting More Police in Schools Leads to Alarming Arrests

The brutal arrest of a student at Spring Valley High school isn't an isolated incident.

On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Today we're reading about police in schools, LGBT characters on TV, and Marvel's new female-centric comics. 

In Her New Memoir "M Train," Patti Smith Explores Loss

“It’s not so easy writing about nothing.” This is how we enter M Train, the new memoir from writer, poet, and accomplished punk singer Patti Smith. The sentiment comes to Smith in a dream, spoken by a recurring cowpoke. She never does refute his idea completely—in fact her frequent bouts of writer’s block all but support it. But she spends the book trying to explore and deal with the...

New Music Monday: Pure Bathing Culture

On the dreampop band's new album, Pray for Rain, singer Sarah Versprille comes into her own.