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Oh Joy Sex Toy: Paying for Porn

You want to support ethical porn creators, right? That means paying for their work. 

This Article Has Been Removed

On July 5, we published this article by Charles Clymer critiquing a Senate bill that would require women to register for the draft.

On July 15, after readers brought to our attention the author’s history of lashing out against feminist critics, we decided to unpublish this article. This is an extremely rare and significant decision for Bitch—we pride ourselves on...

Amber Tamblyn's Directorial Debut "Paint It Black" is a Firecracker of a Film

In new film "Paint It Black," Alia Shawkat shines as a punk rocker dealing with loss. 

On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Female comedians working on late-night TV, a new gun control law, and Olympics problems.

Dystopian Sci-Fi Author Octavia Butler Predicted Donald Trump's Campaign Slogan

In a work of fiction 20 years ago, Octavia Butler imagined an egomaniacal patriot running for president. 

BitchTapes: Non-Terrible Songs About America

From Mitski's "Fireworks" to Lana Del Rey's "Blue Jeans," some American tunes by ladies.

On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Today we're reading about reproductive rights, #OscarsSoWhite (again), and Congressional seats.

Last day: Limited-Edition Bitch Tees

Friday's the last day to get your limited-edition Bitch t-shirt!

Four Questions for Sherman Alexie About His New Picture Book

The celebrated author's first picture book is all about a loving search for identity. 

Ooo! Comedian Jessica Williams Is Working on a New TV Pilot

Today is The Daily Show correspondent's last day—but hopefully we'll see more of Jessica Williams very soon.