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They Got the Beat: How a Female Beatmakers Collective is Reshaping Electronic Music Culture

Women's Beat League is forgoing the who's-who of the music scene and reshaping DJ culture to be more inclusive.

The Complicated Dynamics of Disability and Desire

My invisible disabilities made me feel undesirable. It took a long time to love myself.

On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Today we're reading about UCLA, Hamilton, and journalism in Pennsylvania.

Exploring Heartbreak on Chris Pureka's New Album

After six years, the singer with a big cult following releases new work.

Oh Joy Sex Toy: The Sex Myth

The nonfiction book The Sex Myth looks at the gap between fantasy and reality. 

On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Today we're reading about the gender wage gap, Planned Parenthood, and protesting.

Is Sharing Caring? Speak Up and Get Published in Bitch!

 In Bitch’s money issue, we want to share readers’ personal experiences with the sharing economy.

Kesha: "I will not take back the TRUTH."

Over the weekend, Kesha said she refused to retract her statements against Dr. Luke in exchange for her freedom—here's what's happened in the case so far.

These Aren’t the AIs We’re Looking For: Why We Need to Be Smarter About Intelligent Design

Sometimes, even our most “intelligently” designed algorithms are pretty ignorant.

New Music Monday: The Singer and The Songwriter

Stream the latest EP from the jazz-influenced folk duo The Singer and The Songwriter.