B-Hive Member Frequently Asked Questions

How can I upgrade my membership? (Thanks!)

Log in to your account, and head over to the "Manage B-Hive" tab on your profile. Click the upgrade button. If you decide to upgrade to another level, we'll send you that level's benefits

How do I access my digital subscription?

When the next issue of Bitch is published, you'll receive a notification email with a quick-access link. Log in to your account, click on the "Files" tab on your profile, and viola, it's the latest issue! For a screen shot to illustrate these steps, click here

Is my B-Hive membership active or suspended?

Your membership is Active if your last monthly membership donation went through successfully. On your profile's B-Hive tab, your status will say "Active."

Your membership is Suspended if your last monthly donation was declined. You'll notice that your information is highlighted in red, and your status will not be listed as "Active."  If you miss more than two months of payments, you will miss the next issue of Bitch.  Your membership could be suspended for a number of reasons: new card information, new billing address, or your account was overdrawn on the date that we attempted to charge you. For directions on how to update a suspended membership, click here

I want to change my subscription type.

You may start or stop receiving the print edition of Bitch by clicking the "Change" link under "Subscription Type" in your profile's B-Hive management tab. All members receive the digital edition. 

Will I receive an annual tax receipt?

We send comprehensive donor tax receipts in February. Your receipt will itemize B-Hive membership donations and all other donations you made to Bitch Media during the prior year. 

I want to cancel my membership. (We're sad to see you go!)

Click the "Suspend" link under "Status" in your profile's B-Hive management tab. We hope to see you again soon, and if you're leaving us for a reason you'd like to share, please send your feedback to us in the form below.