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Bitch seeks to be a fresh, revitalizing voice in contemporary feminism, one that welcomes complex arguments and refuses to ignore the contradictory and often uncomfortable realities of life in an unequivocally gendered world. We have a diverse audience, which keeps the dialogue and the movement we're a part of dynamic and strong. We are also uniquely situated to draw in young readers who are at a critical moment in their lives—a moment when they are discovering feminism and activism, finding answers to who they are, and questioning the definitions of gender, sexuality, power and agency prescribed by the mainstream media. Bitch not only plays a role in exploring these topics, it also provides a toolkit for engaging in analysis that promotes activism and impels social change. Bitch speakers cover a wide range of topics, from online feminism to pop music to reproductive rights, in a variety of venues. Because we are committed to intersectional feminism, Bitch speakers don't appear on all-white panels.


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Andi Zeisler

Andi Zeisler is a writer, editor, and cultural critic. She is the cofounder of Bitch Media, the author of Feminism and Pop Culture, and the coeditor of BitchFest: Ten Years of Cultural Criticism from the Pages of Bitch Magazine. Her new book on pop culture and the commercial co-optation of feminism, We Were Feminists Once, will be out in May 2016 from PublicAffairs. Her writing on feminism, popular culture, and media has appeared in Ms., Mother Jones, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Washington Post, Los Angeles Review of Books, and Salon. She tweets @andizeisler.

Talks and workshops include:

• From Riot Grrrl to Marketplace Feminism: Selling—and Selling Out—Feminism

• Don't Just Change the Channel: Why Pop Culture Matters to Feminism, Activism, and Social Justice

• Building a Better Bitch: Bitch Media's Past, Present, and Future as a Feminist Response to Media and Pop Culture

• A Different Kind of 'Click' Moment: Evolving Feminist Analysis and Activism in Print, on the Web, and Beyond

• Talking Back 101: Identifying bias, bad framing, and sexism in media and pop culture, and responding strategically (workshop)

Watch Bitch Media cofounder Andi Zeisler and writer Roxane Gay kick off the Hammer’s Bureau of Feminism initiative with a discussion of the political, social, and cultural relevance of contemporary feminism.


Having Andi Zeisler as our keynote speaker for Women's History Month was amazing! –SUNY Fredonia

Andi and everyone else at Bitch was very helpful in the planning process. She gave an excellent and interesting presentation, and helped us brainstorm a lot of excellent ideas that we hope to use in our activism on campus. –University of Connecticut

Andi Zeisler has spoken on our campus several times. She is always a popular and informative speaker. –Lewis & Clark College

feminism_and_pop_culture_small.png   Bitchfest book cover   We Were Feminists Once

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Sarah Mirk

Bitch Media online editor Sarah Mirk is a journalist and editor interested in sexual politics, gender, and media. She is the host of Bitch Media's feminist podcast Popaganda. Mirk is the author of Sex from Scratch: Making Your Own Relationship Rules and she published the Oregon History Comics, an acclaimed series of nonfiction comics about Oregon history. Before landing at Bitch, she worked for five years as a reporter and columnist for weekly newspapers The Stranger and The Portland Mercury. She tweets @sarahmirk.

Talks and workshops include:

• The Future of Feminism

• Five Bright Ideas in Feminist Media

• Speak Up, Make Change: How to use the internet for effective social justice activism (available as a workshop or talk)

• Making Your Own Relationship Rules

• Making Nonfiction Comics: How to create your own comics that tell true stories, including biographies, histories, and tales of graphic journalism

• Making Radio: Creating Powerful Audio Journalism (workshop)


Sarah Mirk’s talk was hip, fresh, and energizing! -MSU Denver

We cannot wait to bring her back to campus! -UC San Diego

The whole campus was buzzing with excitement the week prior to her arrival and the auditorium was totally packed on the night of the lecture. –Beloit College

What we appreciated most about working with Sarah Mirk was her attention to the real issues going on in our community. –Skidmore College

Sex from Scratch     oregon_history_comics.png

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Tamara Winfrey HarrisTamara Winfrey Harris

Bitch contributor Tamara Winfrey Harris is a writer who specializes in the ever-evolving space where current events, politics and pop culture intersect with race and gender. Her writing has appeared in The New York Times, American Prospect, Ms., and Ebony. She is the author of The Sisters are Alright: Changing the Broken Narrative for Black Women in America, about the empowering truth behind negative stereotypes of Black women. She tweets @whattamisaid.

Talks and workshops include:

• Mad Women, Rump Shakers and Bad Mamas

• Deconstruct! Images of Black Womanhood (workshop)

• The Sisters Are Alright (workshop)


Tamara Winfrey Harris’ talk was a breath of fresh air for Ohio University. Her honesty and openness made for a productive discussion about the complexities of stereotyping, something I think every college campus across the country needs. Ohio University

Tamara Winfrey Harris is a phenomenal speaker and influential person. She listened to what our students groups had to say about our community and used that to speak more directly to our student population. Tamara spoke to both the frustrations and the hope of student activist groups, leaving the audience feeling uplifted. -Northern Arizona University

The Sisters Are Alright by Tamara Winfrey Harris

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Joshunda SandersJoshunda Sanders

Bitch contributor Joshunda Sanders is a veteran journalist, writer and scholar. Her writing has appeared in Kirkus Reviews, Gawker, Publishers Weekly, and Salon. She is the author of the new title How Racism and Sexism Killed Traditional Media: Why the Future of Journalism Depends on Women and People of Color, and her creative nonfiction has appeared in Click: When We Knew We Were Feminists, Homelands: Women’s Journeys Across Race, Place and Time, and Beyond Belief: The Secret Lives of Women in Extreme Religion. She gave a TED Talk in 2013 on the intersection of poverty and mental health resources for women and children in global cities. She lives in Washington, D.C where she tweets @jvic and blogs at and  

Talks and workshops include:

• The Personal is Political: Finding the Social-Change Narrative Within

• Fractured Freedom: Navigating Race, Identity, and Self-Promotion Online

•Narrating Courage: Cultivating Narratives and Finding the Courage to Share Them (workshop)

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KRB headshotKristin Rogers Brown

Kristin Rogers Brown is a designer, creative director, problem solver, and educator who believes that form, function, and delight are at the root of all good design. In addition to her work as Bitch Media's art director, she works as a freelance designer, teaches collaborative design and illustration at PNCA (Pacific Northwest College of Art), and is a former vice presidet of AIGA Portland. She has presented and moderated panel discussions on a range of design-related topics including sustainable design, portfolio development, creative brainstorming, design for learning, and brand strategy.

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