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The year 1776 may represent independence in the United States, but we prefer to celebrate the independence declared during a different year: 1996. That was the year that Bitch: Feminist Response to Pop Culture was founded in the name of independent, feminist media (somehow that was left out of the whole 1776 negotiation process—a real oversight on their part, we think). The magazine's goal was to offer an alternative—indeed, independence!—from rigid mainstream notions and pop-culture representations about women and feminism, and from magazines whose sole focus is making bank off female insecurities.

To commemorate that important year, we're offering you a chance to subscribe to Bitch, or renew your existing subscription, for the limited-time price of $19.96. (Psst! That's 20% off of our regular price!) Think of it as a feminist way to celebrate Independence Day, only instead of fireworks, cheap beer, and potato salad you get a crackerjack feminist magazine (and no risk of food poisoning or a hangover).

If you're looking to support Bitch in a more long-term way (thanks!) consider joining our sustainer program. You'll still get a subscription to the magazine, and you'll be providing us with financial support we can count on long after Independence Day.

So declare your independence. Support independent feminist media by subscribing (or renewing your subscription) to the magazine that's been bringing it to you since 1996, for just $19.96! Plus, every 50th subscriber gets a prize!

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