B-Sides: This Week's Music Round-Up!

Pepa of Salt'n'Pepa's Let's Talk about Pep, a new VH1 reality show billed as a "Black Sex & the City," debuted last night. Here's Pepa's take on it, did anyone else catch it? (... Read more »

B-Sides : Carol Kaye

Carol Kaye is one of the most prolific pop music musicians you've never heard of. She and her 4-6 strings have backed some of the most popular songs, movies, and television series of the past fifty decades, and can be heard "These Boots Were Made for Walking," guitar on Lesley Gore's "It's My... Read more »

B-Sides: The Revival

The awesome Detroit MC Invincible (interviewed in The Loud issue) has a brand new... Read more »

B-Sides: Tentative Top Ten

Tomorrow, some people from OPB's "In House" are coming to the Bitch office to ask us about our top five favorite albums of 2009. This means that we have been spending a fair amount of time racking our brains to come up with a serviceable top five list that... Read more »

B-Sides: Up the Punx!

Is punk dead? Who cares – give these bands a listen anyway. Read more »

B-Sides: Grandmothers of electronic music, Part 2

Welcome to Grandmothers of electronic music, Part 2: Wendy CarlosLast week I brought you Delia Derbyshire, sonic experimenter and BBC soundtrack writer supreme. Today, we'll take a look at the work of American, Wendy... Read more »

B-sides: Grandmothers of electronic music, Part 1--Delia Derbyshire

I love electronic music—a genre that had its mainstream heyday in the 90s with a small resurgence in the form of electro-clash in the early naughts. Throughout my years listening, I've gathered quite a collection with my favorites including: Aphex Twin, Plaid, µ-Ziq, Boards of Canada, Bogdan... Read more »

B-Sides: Karen O Goes Wild

Artsy kids' film Where the Wild Things Are is doing great at the box office, and the soundtrack, written by Yeah Yeah Yeahs' frontwoman Karen O, is one of the best things about the movie (along with all those big hairy monsters with broken hearts)--and you can listen to the... Read more »

B-Sides: Ida Maria Likes You Better Naked

      Ida Maria Sivertsen may not have won a Nobel Prize this week, but she is one more good reason to pay attention to what comes out of Stockholm. Ida, pronounced (ee-da) was born and raised in a small Norwegian village with a population of less than 2,000. In 2007 she packed up and headed to... Read more »

B-Sides: New Music