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Popaganda Episode: On the Road

Three stories from women writers about life on the road, including Allyson McCabe's interview with Led Zeppelin cover band Lez Zeppelin, Erin Gilbert's profile of a mysterious desert traveler in the early 1900s, and storyteller Kimberly Dark's tale of big people in small airplane seats.

Popaganda Episode: Demystifying the Wage Gap

Why is it that white men in America are paid more—on average—than women and people of color in every single state? We dig into the realities behind the wage gap with help from three all-stars. First Lilly Ledbetter explains how it feels to fight your employer for equal pay all the way to the Supreme Couty. Then, journalist Sarah L. Jaffe breaks down the myths of minimum wage. Finally, author Sheila Bapat explains the racist and sexist history behind our country's failure to pay domestic workers fairly. Tune in.  This show features the song "Workin' Woman Blues" by the fantastic Valerie June.     More ways to listen and a transcript of the show are below the cut. 

Popaganda Episode: How to Write About Sex

We always complain about about bad sex scenes and unrealistic sex in pop culture, but what makes really good sex writing? Best Sex Writing 2013 editor Rachel Kramer Bussel and Smut Peddler comics publisher Spike talk with us about what they've learned makes great writing about sex. Also featuring thoughtful cameos from cartoonists Erika Moen and Colleen Coover, plus AJ from feminist sex-toy boutique She Bop, who recall their favorite cinematic sex scenes. It's all way too much fun.  A transcript of the show and more ways to listen to the show are below the cut. 

Popaganda Episode: 20 Years of Sister Spit

  Feminist spoken word roadshow Sister Spit has been sporadically criss-crossing the nation for 20 years now, building community around radical writing, poetry, and films. The group started in 1994 as a Bay Area open mic night meant to highlight the work of women artists who weren't getting enough attention. Since then, Sister Spit has become a traveling show and literary press. On this episode, we talk with three talented members of recent Sister Spit tours: essayist Beth Lisick, poet Dia Felix, and artist and musician Cristy Road. More ways to listen to the show are below the cut. 

Popaganda Episode: Political Joke

On this show, we talk with two whip-smart political comedians. Hari Kondabolu says he's a "killjoy who happens to do comedy." We talk with Hari about his immensely popular standup routine, which focuses on jokes about race and inequality, then catch up with Erin Gibson, the host of gays-and-ladies-focused podcast Throwing Shade. More links and ways to listen below the cut!  

Popaganda Episode: Seattle is a Queer Music Boomtown

Bold new bands fronted by LGBT folks are busting open Seattle's music scene, which has long had a reputation as the epicenter of a sound dominated by plaid-wearing indie rock dudes. We talk with the organizers of Seattle's 'Mo-Wave queer music and arts fest, get music picks from queer music podcast Homoground, and talk with show-stopping Seattle band Glitterbang. This episode pairs well with our recent QueerShake mixtape, which features bands like THEESatisfaction and Magic Mouth.   ; The song that plays throughout this show is "Seaside" by Night Cadet. Make sure to check out 'Mo-Wave in Seattle during the week of April 11th, they have a lot of great shows planned! More ways to listen and subscribe to our twice-monthly podcast are below the cut.

Popaganda Episode: Open Source Feminism

The internet is powered by open source technology—exciting software that's built collaboratively from the bottom-up. But if open source technology is meant to be free and equal, why do men continue to dominate sites like Wikipedia? We investigate with the help of data architect Selena Deckelmann, English professor Dr. Ximena Gallardo, and a nationwide "feminist intervention" into Wikipedia.  All of this in under 30 minutes. Listen in! More credits and ways to download this show are below the jump!

Popaganda Episode: Space and Power

On this show, we talk with three all-star feminist thinkers about the politics of public space. If you're not one of the 10 million people who have seen Franchesca Ramsey's "Shit White Girls Say... to Black Girls" video—get on it! On this show, we talk with Franchesca about carving out her own media space online. Then, we explore the complicated history of LGBT-friendly neighborhoods with Professor Christina Hanhardt and round out the show with Professor Karma Chavez, whose work deals with the links between queer and immigrant movements. The whole show features music by artist Julia Weldon. Listen in!    This episode is sponsored by the Lewis and Clark College Gender Studies Symposium on Gender, Power, and Space.  More ways to listen to and download this show are listed below the cut. 

Popaganda Episode: Olympic Spectacle

The most competitive sport in the Olympics, I would argue, is storytelling. Everything from the opening ceremony to the national uniforms athletes wear is carefully planned to create a specific story about the unique identity of countries (I'm not sure what story Norway's curling team uniforms are telling, but I know it would for sure involve a sweet soundtrack). This show explores the spectacle of Olympic narratives. First, figure skating enthusiasts Andi Zeisler and Sarah Marshall talk about media coverage of female figure skaters, specifically revisiting the Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan scandal. Then, I dig in to how Olympic host cities make themselves over to create a shinier version of themselves for the international spotlight. Finally, we talk with Russian queer studies scholar Roman Utkin on the impact of the Olympics on LGBT politics in Russia.  Before you tune into the Olympics next week, listen to the show and excerpts below! A transcript is below the cut.    More links and ways to listen below the cut!

Popaganda Episode: Make Your Own Media

Don't just hate media—make media. On this episode of Popaganda, we spend time with five women who edit great magazines for young women. First off, Bitch's Andi Zeisler talks with Tavi Gevinson of Rookie. Then we meet up with the staff of She Shreds, an upstart magazine for female guitarists. Finally, we call up the editorial director of Canadian teen feminist magazine Shameless. All in all, the interviews show the ideas and challenges behind making media for young people, and how it's possible to get your own story onto the newstand.    This episode of Popaganda is sponsored by Glad Rags—get 15 percent off your order at GladRags when you shop through Bitch. Want more? Read the full interview with Rookie's Tavi Gevinson.  Below the cut are a list of other ways to listen to the podcast and audio of the individual interviews.