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Popaganda Episode: Funny Business

This week's episode is all about funny business. Four professionally funny women—Daily Show co-creator Lizz Winstead,Hyperbole and a Half writer Allie Brosh, and comedians Aparna Nancherla and Jenny Yang—discuss the craft of writing jokes.  This episode of Popaganda is sponsored by Glad Rags—get 15 percent off your order at GladRags when you shop through Bitch. Many ways to listen and a full transcript of the show are below the cut. 

Popaganda Episode: Subverting the Holidays

There's no escaping the holidays. Our only hope is to make 'em our own. This episode tells four tales of subverting the holidays. First, we talk with author Sherman Alexie about his take on Thanksgiving. Then, we get advice from the folks behind Adbusters and the Story of Stuff project on celebrating the season without getting caught up in consumerism. From there, we talk with a vegan chef who is transforming America's most meat-centric holiday, Thanksgiving, into a vegetable feast. To round it all out, Bitch editorial and creative director Andi Zeisler reads an essay about Jewish Christmas.    This episode of Popaganda is sponsored by Glad Rags—get 15 percent off your order at GladRags when you shop through Bitch. More links and ways to listen below the cut!

Popaganda Episode: Riot Grrrl Revisited

This is a big year for musicians who grew up with the Riot Grrrl movement. In this episode, we talk with iconic musicians Kathleen Hanna and JD Samson about their new albums and writer Laina Dawes provides a different perspective with an essay, “Why I was never a riot grrrl.”   This episode of Popaganda is sponsored by Glad Rags—get 15 percent off your order at GladRags when you shop through Bitch. Listen to the individual segments of this show and read the full transcript below. 

Popaganda Episode: Dress Up

  Costumes have an undeniable power. In this show we examine tomboy fashion with founders of upstart company Wildfang, head to Geek Girl Con to talk with cosplayer Chaka Cumberbatch, and dig into sexy Halloween costumes with Portland fashion designer Adam Arnold and designer/retailer Cassie Ridgway.     This episode of Popaganda is sponsored by She Bop!  

Popaganda Episode: Plan B

As of August, the emergency contraception pill Plan B is supposed to be available over the counter for women of all ages. This 20-minute show investigates whether that's actually true. Meet the Native American activists pushing to make emergency contraception accessible to all women. Plus, we secretly shop for Plan B in pharmacies around Portland, Oregon.   Read more about this show and ways to subscribe to the podcast below the cut. 

Popaganda Episode: Fall TV

  Are you having a lot of feelings about Breaking Bad, Scandal, Parks & Recreation, or New Girl? Join the club. This episode discusses those four shows in-depth (including a special guest appearance by Portland's real-life Leslie Knope!), plus highlights from other fall TV we're excited about. More links and ways to listen below the cut!

Popaganda Episode: Ghosts

  Ghosts get a bad rap. But the stories we tell about spirits reveal what our cultures fear and value. In this show, Bitch Creative Director Andi Zeisler and literary ghost expert Jessica Jernigan look at how female ghosts from The Conjuring to Beloved can't escape gender roles. Plus, we talk with Jamie Holding-Eagle of the Red River Seed Library about how special corn seeds preserve the spirit of her great-great grandmother.  

Popaganda Episode: Wired

  How are we wired? This episode talks with tech expert Ashe Dryden about why tech industries lose out when they're boys clubs,Code for America fellow Serena Wales talks about grassroots programming, and the mothers behind Stealing Time magazine andGenderMom discuss whether gendered behaviors are hardwired in kids.  All in a fascinating 40 minutes!      This episode is sponsored by She Bop, a feminist sex toy boutique.  More info on ways to listen and download the podcast are below the jump.

Popaganda Episode: Toys — Featuring Samantha Knowles and Erika Moen

Legos, ponies, American Girl—how do toys shape who we are? On this show, we talk with filmmaker Samantha Knowles about why black dolls matter, grill a seven-year-old about hot-wired dollhouse Roominate, and have a very graphic conversation about the best-ever sex toys with comics artist Erika Moen (whose self-portrait graces the podcast player below). This episode is sponsored by She Bop, a feminist sex toy boutique. 

Popaganda Episode: Image

Why do images have such power? In this episode, comics collective Ladydrawers, Australian felt-tip-marker artist TextaQueen, and colorism researcher Jyoti Gupta all delve into the big issues of how visual media shapes how we see ourselves. Plus, two Bitch staffers talk with Equity Foundation Executive Director Karol Collymore about images that shaped us growing up, from fashion magazines to drawings of Ramona Quimby.  All in just 30 minutes! Tune in! This episode is sponsored by GladRags, makers of washable cloth menstrual pads that are better for your body, your budget, and the environment. Use coupon code "bitchradio" for 15 percent off at their products online.