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Backtalk: Equal Pay & Anti-LGBTQ Laws Backlash

This week, we talk about the anti-LGBTQ laws that have recently been passed in North Carolina and Mississippi and the backlash they're beginning to face. PayPal and Deutsche Bank have decided against expansions in North Carolina, perhaps foreshadowing the economic hit that Indiana faced in the wake of their own discriminatory laws. And this week we highlight Equal Pay Day with facts you need to know, like how trans women face a larger wage gap overall.

Popaganda Episode: Snacks

We talk with Top Chef star Karen Akunowicz about how she handles being an executive chef at a super busy restaurant. Then, writer and chef Soleil Ho shares an essay on race, food, and identity and talks about the politics of the James Beard Foundation Awards. We close out the show hearing reporter Sayaka Matsuoka talk to one of America's only female sushi chefs, Mikiko Ando, about old-school taboos that blocked her from getting her dream job for years. In between the interviews, we spice things up by taste-tasting weird recently invented snacks.  

Backtalk: Bathroom Bills and Jian Ghomeshi

This week, we chat about North Carolina's "bathroom bills" that attack LGBT anti-discrimination measures. Meanwhile, former broadcaster Jian Ghomeshi’s sexual assault cases show how the legal system puts survivors on trial. 

Popaganda Episode: Environmental Justice

We talk about the meaning of "environmental justice" and hear from three activists who have worked to make the world a better, greener place. This episode features interviews with a co-founder of indigenous rights movement Idle No More, African American farmers in Wisconsin, and the late Nobel Prize winner Wangari Matthai. 

Backtalk: Donald Trump & Feminism in the Food Industry

This week, the big news is that Republicans are turning on Donald Trump, putting together a viral ad about some of the most sexist things he's said. We also discuss race and gender at the James Beard Awards and how the restaurant industry is a hotbed of sexual harassment.  

Popaganda Episode: Magic

We explore the current popularity of modern witchcraft and talk with real-life witches about how their self-made spirituality informs their identity. The resident witch columnist at Autostraddle, Mey Rude, gives us a rundown of her favorite witches in films (hint: one of them is happy to help "poor unfortunate souls"), we read tarot cards with astrologist Rhea Wolf, talk Azealia Banks with writer Emma Rault, and learn some tongue-in-cheek spells from artist Rebecca Artemisa. Tune in!   

Backtalk: Kesha & Abortion Rights

This week, we talk about the Supreme Court hearings on laws like the Texas anti-abortion legislation that have forced all but ten clinics to close in the nation's second largest state. And we discuss a judge's ruling in pop star Kesha's case to get out of her contract with producer Dr. Luke, who she says was abusive and sexually assaulted her. 

Popaganda Episode: Cults

We're exploring the gender dynamics of real-life American cults and the representation of cults in pop culture, from Mad Max to Prophet's Prey. On this show, we talk with author Peggy Riley about the history of cults in America, hear the voices of survivors of Jim Jones’ cult, discuss how cults play into current shows like Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and food writer Megan Giller joins us to reveal the bizarre cult history behind one very mundane beverage.  

Backtalk: Worst Oscar Responses & Hillary Problems

This week, we dig into all of the worst responses to #OscarsSoWhite and the lack of diversity in Hollywood. Cross your fingers that your fave white celebrity hasn't said something clueless or racist as we break down who said what, and why they're wrong. And we talk about what Gloria Steinem and Madeleine Albright had to say about why and how women should vote—and we're not sure it's helping Hillary's campaign. 

Popaganda Episode: Self-Care

Hardcore activists still need to sleep enough, eat enough, and stretch every once in a while. On this episode, we explore the gender and race dynamics of taking care of our minds and bodies and share self-care tips. Featuring Evette Dionne on why self-care is a radical act and writer Emily V. Gordon on her book Super You, which tells us how superheroes can help us rethink anxiety. Plus: a diary of heartbreak by Grace Manger.