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Popaganda Episode: Favorite Pop Culture of the Year

We ask people involved with Bitch over the past year, from writers to interns to interviewees, to share their favorite things from the year. This show highlights everything from favorite books and albums to favorite moment in Texas politics. Listen in! People featured on this show include comic book author Kelly Sue DeConnick, Note to Self host Manoush Zomorodi, artist Erika Moen and many others.   

Backtalk: Stuff We Learned in 2015

Backtalk is officially one year old! Amy and Sarah celebrate the one-year anniversary of the podcast by reflecting on what they learned from pop culture in 2015, including lessons from How to Get Away With Murder, and discuss how they grew as feminists. 

Popaganda Episode: Growing Up Immigrant

When politicians and pundits talk about immigrants, they far too often use language that makes it seem like immigrants are… other. Not real Americans. Not able to be trusted. Their histories, experiences, and native languages, those should be pushed aside in favor of the “melting pot” of English. At the same time, stories of immigrant families are noticably absent from our pop culture. While millions of North Americans are growing up as children of immigrants, you can count the number of third-culture kids on TV on one hand. Today's episode shares the personal stories of people growing up as first-generation Americans and Canadians.  

Backtalk: Jessica Jones and Donald Trump's Bigotry

On Backtalk, Bitch editors Sarah and Amy discuss this week in pop culture. This week: Welcome to our podcast of horrors! We talk about the horrific villain on the new Netflix/Marvel show Jessica Jones and why it's the only superhero show Amy will watch. Then, we do some cathartic ranting about Donald's Trump's racism and the destructive nature of his rhetoric. 

Popaganda Episode: Space Explorers

The modern exploration of space is often seen as macho endeavor. In films, TV, and often in our history books, the astronauts who head into space are the manliest of manly men. It doesn’t matter whether the stories are fictional or based on real-life, many of our pop culture space sagas center on brave, solitary men. But in reality, modern space exploration has involved some brilliant women and lots of collaborative work—not lone cowboys single-handedly saving the world. So for this episode of Popaganda, we bring you three real-life stories of women in spaaaaaace!

Backtalk: Women in Hollywood & Holiday Self-Care

  On Backtalk, Bitch editors Sarah and Amy discuss pop culture news of the week. In this episode, we talk about the New York Times article "The Women of Hollywood Speak Out" and how it points out important realities about systemic discrimination in the film industry but misses a chance to discuss race. Then, we share personal self-care tips for staying happy and healthy while navigating family and friends during the holidays. 

Popaganda Episode: Favorite Nerds

Far too often, pop culture creators gear their work toward an assumed audience: 18-45 year-old white, straight men. But nerds come in all genders, races, and orientations. On this episode, we celebrate the release of our Nerds print issue by highlighting our favorite nerds who are pushing to broaden the idea of who consumes comics, TV shows, and films.  Comics writer Kelly Sue DeConnick joins us on the show to discuss how she pens innovative series like Bitch Planet and Pretty Deadly. Writer Vanessa Willoughby shares her perspective on Black nerdom, part of the print article "Geeking Out: Four Writers on Nerding While Black."  We also hear high praise for the crime-fighting Kamala Khan, the first Muslim superheroine to headline her own series at Marvel. 

Backtalk: Police Sexual Assaults and Transphobic Myths

On Backtalk, Sarah and Amy discuss pop culture news of the week. This week, they dig into the disturbing case of police officer Daniel Holtzclaw and discuss the pattern of sexual abuse among police officers. Then, writer Leela Ginelle joins us to discuss the transphobic myths that led to the repeal of an equal rights ordinance in Houston. Plus: Way too much gushing about Aziz Ansari's new show, Master of None

Popaganda Episode: Fandom

Fandom is a powerful cultural force. It can bind together communities, drive the pop culture economy, and revive TV shows from the dead. This episode explores four ways fandom shapes identity, including a look at the Notorious RBG phenomena, a bold exploration of queer fanfiction, a discussion on video game fans, and a conversation with CHVRCHES frontwoman Lauren Mayberry.

Backtalk: Police in Schools and Halloween Costumes

On Backtalk, Bitch editors Amy and Sarah discuss pop culture news of the week.  This week, we discuss how the brutal treatment of a student by a sherrif's deputy at Spring Valley High in South Carolina isn't just the case of one bad apple, but a pattern of over-punishing Black students. Then, we change gears to discuss the year's most offensive Halloween costumes. Plus: Ample praise for How to Get Away With Murder