Help Us Design the Cover for our Pulp Issue!

For the cover of our upcoming issue, we are getting pulpy! And what better way is there for us to design a cover worthy of gracing the Pulp Issue, than an idea directly from our readers?

Our friends at Portland's free weekly The Mercury did this not too long ago, and we'd like to think of ours as an enthusiastic homage, as opposed to a shameless rip-off. So, what does pulp look like on the cover of a feminist magazine? What would you include in your perfect fantasy cover for us? We came up with a few ideas you can choose from. But we are also very much open to yours.

The winning idea will be interpreted by an illustrator as a painting in glowing oils, for our spring 2013 issue. We reserve the right, with help from our illustrator, to choose the most outrageous, the most imaginative, or to combine elements that we think are absolutely fabulous, and we'll encourage our co-conspirator to take liberties to make the idea even more amazing.

Please vote on your favorite (and feel free to write in your own if you don't like what you see).

Below are some images that inspired us that you can check out for reference...

A collage of three pictures: A white couple embraces dramatically; two kittens nuzzle each other; and a tiny ship is tossed in a roiling ocean.

(Images found here, here, and here)

Two examples of men's pulp covers, specifically two men getting attacked by snapping turtlesThree romance novels with Fabio on the cover in various stages of chest-baring swashbucklling

(Images found here, here, and here)


Now get to voting. You'll see the results in our Spring 2013 issue.