The Home & Away Issue

Issue #27 | Winter 2005
$4.00 print | $4.00 digital
Art: The New Domestics, Women in Prison, Dress Decoded. Plus: Mean girls

<h2>In every issue</h2><p>Editors&#39; Letter&mdash;Homeslice Dear Bitch Love It/Shove It The Bitch List Bitch Reads Suggested Listening Plus: Sick lit: Teen trauma fiction Back Page&mdash;The incomplete annals: Women and the Oscars</p><h2>Columns</h2><p>On Trends&mdash;It&#39;s not easy being mean <a href="/article/period-pieces">On TV&mdash;Aunt Flo, will you accept this rose?</a> Open Letter&mdash;Oh, America, up yours On The Treadmill&mdash;Hoovers and shakers On The Menu&mdash;Steaks is high: Class and the low-carb craze</p><h2>Features</h2><p><a href="/article/jail-bait">Sentenced to Obscurity&mdash;The unseen world of women behind bars</a> Change of a Dress&mdash;Multiple meanings of religious clothing Tee and Sympathy&mdash;A new front in the pro-choice battle Maison D&#39;Etre&mdash;Eight artists reimagine domesticity Wish You Were Here&mdash;Five writers on travel and agency</p>

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