The Truth & Consequences Issue

Issue #29 | Summer 2005
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<h2>In every issue</h2><p>Editors&#39; Letter&mdash;We, Uh, Can&#39;t Handle the Truth Dear Bitch Love It/Shove It The Bitch List Bitch Reads Plus: Auto Show: Do memoirists need to get a life? Suggested Listening Back Page&mdash;Annals of the Other Woman</p><h2>Columns</h2><p>Open Letter&mdash;Dear GQ HQ: Where&#39;s your IQ? <a href="/article/student-counsel">On Film&mdash;The Education of Shelby Knox</a> On The Stage&mdash;Suneet Sethi&#39;s dress of a thousand secrets On The Page&mdash;Confessions of a mad fact checker</p><h2>Features</h2><p><a href="/article/we-were-here-we-were-maybe-queer">Gays of Yore&mdash;What outing the past means for the present</a> Girl, Reconstructed&mdash;The mystery of comic-book heroine Octobriana Our Bodies, Our Hells&mdash;Why isn&#39;t pain a feminist issue? Running From the Altar&mdash;Gay Shame activist Mattilda on where queers went wrong Shutter to Think&mdash;Photojounalist Mimi Chakarova shoots for the truth Hot Shots&mdash;The enduring allure of glamour photography Pound for Glory&mdash;Writer Wendy McClure goes beyond the blog</p>

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