The Singular + Plural Issue

Issue #37 | Fall 2007
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Hoarding (Cats), Breeding (Religion), Rejecting (Sex), Living (Eco-Style), Blogging (Race)


On Language—Who the hell uses gender-neutral pronouns? On Collecting—Women, hoarding, and the fear of becoming a crazy cat lady On Film—Should we be suspicious of Hollywood's latest baby boom?


Multiply and Conquer—How to have 17 children and still believe in Jesus Double Vision—Can two artists share one body? Bi Rite—Jennifer Baumgardner on the evolution of bisexual politics The Best Intentions—Intentional communities are thriving. Why won't the media get on board? Do Not Want—The aesexual revolution gets organized Interrogating Dissent—Coco Fusco on the art and politics of terror Virgin Territory—Hanne Blank talks wayward wives and mystical maidens in her new book

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