The Lost & Found Issue

Issue #38 | Winter 2008
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Lost: Girl Geeks, Adolescent Shame. Found: High Necklines, Jesus Rock. Plus: Susan Faludi!

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Editor's Letter


On Screen—Hollywood even has a double standard for dorks On Education—Radical "unschooling" moms are changing the stay-at-home landscape On Trends—Can the Spice Girls live up to their Girl Power legacy?


Rescue Me—Susan Faludi on American heroism and her new book, The Terror Dream Big Trouble—Are eating disorders the Lavender Menace of the fat acceptance movement? The Princess Diaries—In an age of ostentation, the j.a.p. is back Paper Cuts—Saying rip to some of the best diy The Shame Show—Revisiting your teen angst for fun and profit The Great Cover-up—Can high necklines cure low morals? Shelf Lives—Paging through feminism's lost and found classics Personal Jesus—Can a born atheist get down with Christian rock?

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