The Wired Issue

Issue #39 | Spring 2008
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Hunting Blog Bandits, Deconstructing Fembots, Living a Second Life, + Ani Difranco and Ann Wilson

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Editor's Letter Dear Bitch Love It/Shove It Bitch In—Composting as performance art? Why not? Books—Bitch reads Music—Suggested listening. Plus: Ani DiFranco looks back on 20 years of righteousness. The Back Page—Annals of addiction


On Porn—What makes feminist porn feminist? On Screen—America the Beautiful director Darryl Roberts on the staying power of the beauty myth. On the Page—The New York Times Book Review vs. feminist authors.


Of Women Borg—Bionic betties, radical robots, and the evolution of the artificial woman. Brewed Awakening—Has coffee culture become too gendered? Talk amongst yourselves. Whack Attack—Giving the finger to blog bandits. Mad Science—Deconstructing bunk reporting in five easy steps. Same Shit, Different Life—Second Life may be an online utopia, but its social politics look awfully familiar. Slap Happy—In a spanking-new form of relationship therapy, self-described feminists are asking for it. With a Little Help From Her Friends—Heart's Ann Wilson goes solo and political.

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