Library Mission Statement

Our Mission

The Bitch Community Lending Library strives to provide a diverse selection of feminist materials to our community. Our collection of almost 2,000 books, zines, and DVDs are available to be checked out from our Portland, Oregon location. In addition to ensuring access to materials that allow our members to explore diverse feminist critiques and analyses of popular culture, the library acts as a community resource. Our library hosts book clubs which assist in cultivating a community of feminist thinkers in the Portland area. In addition to serving as a physical resource for our local community, it's also a virtual resource that can be utilized by those who aren't close enough to drop by. Our Library Director makes reading suggestions to long-distance fans through the From the Library blog, and is available to assist with tracking down feminist reading materials on an individual basis.

Our Vision

At just over two years old, our library is just getting started. As we add more titles to our shelves, continue to sign up new library members, and develop additional monthly book clubs and discussion groups, we are working on expanding our services beyond our local communities. By extending the virtual components of our book clubs, people who aren't in Portland can not only participate in a conversation about the book on our blog, but also meet up with Bitch fans in their own communities to discuss the book together. And as our library continues to grow, we invite suggestions for additional programs and expanded services.