BitchTapes: Fight for your Right

It's election season, so here's a mix to remind us all what we're fighting for. Read more »

“He’s a Bully, a Salesman, Selling Fear and Hate”: Singer Lila Downs Releases an Anti-Trump Anthem

"The Demagogue" is part of a project by Artists for a Trump-free America to create and publish anti-Trump songs.  Read more »

New Music Monday: Diamanda Galás and Vocifera

For a holiday that celebrates the macabre side of life, two artists that aren't afraid of the dark.  Read more »

BitchTapes: Precious Metal

It's Halloween time, so it's the perfect chance to embrace all things grim and epic.  Read more »

Hitting Home Run Feminist Pop: On "Slugger," Sadie Dupuis Infuses Pop With a Poetic Punk Ethos

Speedy Ortiz vocalist Sadie Dupuis is striking out on her own with a new solo album called "Slugger." Read more »

Bedroom Dream Band: Jay Som Talks About Producing Her New Album By Herself

Musician Melina Duterte, who plays under the name Jay Som, produced her album "Turn Into" on her own and released it to the world on a whim. Read more »

Egypt's Female-Fronted Metal Band Massive Scar Era Shreds a Whole New Sound

Cherine Amr and Nancy Mounir have been performing together for 11 years, emailing each other tracks across continents. Read more »

New Music Monday: Mystic Davis and Diztroy

Mystic Davis brings the bounce and swagger Jamaican production team Diztroy has been waiting for. Read more »

BitchTapes: Now on Spotify!

Revisit old musical favorites and discover new ones on our new Spotify account! Read more »

Reversing Muses: Women, Music, and Podcasts

Two recent podcasts have featured iconic female musicians in conversation with each other about representation in the music industry.  Read more »