Backtalk: Police in Schools and Halloween Costumes

On Backtalk, Bitch editors Amy and Sarah discuss pop culture news of the week.  This week, we discuss how the brutal treatment of a student by a sherrif's deputy at Spring Valley High in... Read more »

For Black Students, Putting More Police in Schools Leads to Alarming Arrests

The brutal arrest of a student at Spring Valley High school isn't an isolated incident. Read more »

"Notorious RBG" Explores the Life of the Beloved Supreme Court Justice

The fun and engaging biography of the Supreme Court justice feels like a scrapbook for legal nerds. These days, Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s words and visage grace t-shirts, posters, and coffee mugs that warm many feminists’ hearts. But RBG didn’t set out to be a progressive icon. Read more »

Imagine Your Entire Neighborhood Under Surveillance

Documentary "The Feeling of Being Watched" investigates how the FBI kept tabs on an Arab-American neighborhood for years.  Read more »

Texas Students Mock Gun Law By Pledging to Open-Carry Sex Toys

Under a new law, the University of Texas will allow guns on campus, but not dildos.  Read more »

Popaganda Episode: Race, Gender, and Marijuana

Will the new cannabis entrepreneurs help right the wrongs of the war on drugs?   Read more »

The Racism of Donald Trump Immortalized in One Video

Media-maker Franchesca Ramsey has compiled a "greatest hits" of Donald Trump's most racist quotes. Read more »

Four Things the Government Should Defund Instead of Planned Parenthood

What if Republicans actually cared about our health? They would defund abstinence-only education, for starters.  Read more »

How Big Is the Wage Gap in Your State?

A new report shows which states pay wome the least compared to men. Guess what's at the bottom of the heap.  Read more »

Nearly 4,000 People Fighting California's Fires Are Paid Just $1 An Hour

Nearly half of California's wildfire fighting crews are incarcerated people. Read more »


In a Bizarre 1976 Comic Book, Spider-Man Fought the Villain of Misleading Sex Education

Last week, I came across a very strange comic book: in 1976, Planned Parenthood teamed up with Marvel to publish a one-off comic in which Spider-Man... Read more »

Sojourner Truth, Unveiled

The leaders of the [women's suffrage] movement trembled on seeing a tall, gaunt black woman in a gray dress and white turban, surmounted...

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Where My Girls At: Meet Two of Ferguson's Black Queer Activists

A participant in a Millenial Activists United protest on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Photo by Aaron Banks. Amid national discussions of... Read more »

Will Filming the Police Keep Us Safe?

There’s a cultural idea that having someone looking over our shoulder makes us behave better. From fake security cameras to Elf on the Shelf, the... Read more »