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Bitch Media is nonprofit, independent, and supported by our readers and donors! As you may know, last fall we faced a financial crisis. With the help of our supporters, Bitch is still alive and kicking. But to stick around and keep bringing you smart, witty, and thought-provoking pop culture commentary, we have to do things differently and build a truly sustainable foundation of support for the organization. And, we know we can do it – with you in the equation.

Our sustainer program, the B-Hive, allows you to contribute an affordable, set amount monthly. You set it up once, and it's automatic after that. Easy - and sustainers get a free subscription to Bitch! Growing the B-Hive is essential to help us move from financial jeopardy to a sustainable future.

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by Jaymee Jacoby
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Thanks, your website is very helpful

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