10 Reasons to Support Bitch Media

Throughout 2012, the mainstream media has given you dozens of examples of why the need to amplify feminist voices is more crucial than ever, and independent, nonprofit Bitch Media has been doing that work for 17 years and counting. Now, here are ten reasons of our own to support Bitch Media:

1. We're showcasing and mentoring a new generation of feminist writers and cultural critics.

2. Subscription income makes up less than 40 percent of our annual budget and we rely on generous contributions from people like you to make up the difference.

3. You deserve comics that highlight women who have made critical contributions to society.

4. We value the environment and show it in both our design and our business practices.

5. Our Douchebag Decree delivers weekly excoriation of what to avoid—and how to push back.

6. We've earned accolades from Katha Pollitt, Margaret Cho, and Janeane Garofalo—and the disdain of Phyllis Schlafly and Ann Coulter, so we're pretty sure we're doing something right.

7. We bring your attention to important books, great music and amazing films that showcase new and diverse talent often ignored or missed by mainstream reviewers.

8. We recognize that what's important isn't necessarily what's popular.

9. Only 25 percent of Bitch readers donate—and we're convinced that if these reasons help to boost the percentage of our readers to donate by just 5 percent, we'll start the year with a bang.

And the 10th reason? We wanted to leave that up to you. Write it in the comments when you make your critical contribution this year—no matter what you add to the list, your gift of $10, $25 or $100 will launch Bitch Media into 2013 ready for action.

Kate Lesniak is the publisher at Bitch Media.

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