2XL and 3XL Fitted Tees Now Available at BitchMart!

Image shows three sets of the bitch logo. The first is turquoise, the second yellow, and the third purple.Illustration of a girl holding a banner above her head that reads La Campeona. She has a banner across her torso that says Cholita.Illustration of a lady with long wavy hair, a long beard and mustache.

Get a Bitch logo, Cholita illustration, or bearded lady on your very own t-shirt!

Bitch Media is extremely pleased to announce that we are now carrying fitted 2XL and 3XL t-shirts at BitchMart. We previously offered larger sizes in the unisex shirts (and still do!) and fitted t-shirts from S-XL, but that simply wasn't cutting it. Just in time for the holiday season, we are now offering the fitted 2XL shirt, which has a body width of 23 3/4" and length of 28", and the fitted 3XL shirt, with a body width of 25 3/4" and a length of 29". As always, we print on organic cotton tees that are sustainably and ethically produced.

As a fat lady, I'm personally very excited about the additional sizes! Thanks to the numerous supporters who encouraged us to look into additional sizing options.

Support independent feminist media: Keep BitchMart in mind throughout this holiday season! In addition to our t-shirt selection, we offer Bitch tote bags, floaty pens, postcard sets, water bottles, coffee mugs, books, limited-edition prints, and more!

by Ashley McAllister
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Thank you!

So grateful! This makes us fat gals feel much more included. Gotta order one!

What Meg said!

Thank you!


It's great that y'all are making yr fierce, feminist fashions more accessible.

f yeah!

now that's what i call feminism!

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