And it's time for Blogher...

For me Blogher 2009starts tonight as I attend the speaker training session and I get to meet my fellow panelists. I'm pretty nervous, but equally excited. This is my second Blogher conference, but that was two years ago. The world of blogging has exploded since then. The world of women blogging has changed A LOT.

If you take a peek at Blogher itself you'll see a wide variety to stories being covered. There are fashion, politics, health and entertainment posts. While I am a mom blogger, you just need to look at the small amount of press Blogher 2009 is getting to see that most think of this conference as a collection of mommy bloggers who accept free stuff and write about how these items changed their lives.

As I've said many times before, yes, I'm a mom blogger, but I don't always blog about my daughter and I blog about books more than the latest prepared food or cleaning device. Which explains why I'm still at home and not at some swag-a-licious mom summit. That's not bitterness, but rather a statement of the type of mom blogger marketers are after. Of course, marketers are making mistakes in how and who they are targeting for all this swag. While I'm a feminist, love books and all that, I still buy processed food (I know, don't tell Lisa). I tweet about the fab find at Trader Joe's. I just don't go on and on about them on my blog.

So this weekend while I'm tweeting from Blogher remember that there are more than one type of mom blogger and certainly more than just moms at this baby. Most of the women I'm psyched to meet and hang with are child-free. Hopefully they'll kick me if I start to go on too much about the kid.

Off to pack my bag!

by Veronica Arreola
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Professional feminist, Bitch Media board member, mom, and writer. Creator of #365FeministSelfie.

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