And the Emmy goes to . . . BITCH!

The word bitch is a controversial one for many people. We love it (surprise!) but many find it to be problematic to say the least. Well, the folks at the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences must be bitch lovers because they awarded it an Emmy! Well, OK, they awarded a news segment on the word with the Emmy, but still! YAY bitch! And as an added bonus, Bitch contributor/blogger/friend Veronica Arreola is the segment expert! Check it:


For the record, this segment won Category #5-f Outstanding Achievement within a Regularly Scheduled News Program – Specialty Report/Series: Arts/Culture/Entertainment (Award to the Reporter/Producer) The "B" Word: Antwan Lewis, Reporter; Pam Grimes, Producer. WGN

Congratulations to the winners, to Veronica, and to everyone out there who is working to reclaim the word bitch. Yay bitch!

by Kelsey Wallace
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Congrats, bitches!

Too bad more feminists are not on board- the word isn't going away, so we might as well give it a positive connotation. I, for one, am proud to be a bitch!


Interesting segment. I was disappointed, though, that they cut off Veronica before she had the chance to explain her reasoning behind not embracing "cunt" as an empowering word. I'd like to know why. Veronica, if you read this, could you elaborate more on that?

The Vote

The vote for finding "Bitch" offensive at the end really struck me. Because, to be honest, even as an avid reader of the magazine Bitch, I'm still not sure if I find it offensive or not.
It depends on how its being used in a sentance, I guess. If some misogynist rapper enthusiast is talking about slapping his bitch- then it's an obvious No.
But when using it in "Bitch Magazine" or Babe In Total Control of Herself, then I'm totally fine.
But there's still grey areas, you know? Like back in jr. high, in relation to what Veronica said, two of my female friends were fighting and one called the other a bitch, so she said "fine, yeah, i am one," but not in an empowering way. She was just racing to put herself down before the other girl could do it- and I didnt like that. Thats not the answer, you cant just take an insult someone says and put it on yourself before they get the chance, you're just beating yourself up that way, while just trying to be on the defensive.
Calling a woman who's actually being quite rude and mean a bitch, calling people who havent done anything (an audience) bitches- I'm very undescisive on these usages, what do you guys think?

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