Apply for the Bitch Youth Leadership Council!

We at Bitch Media, the organization that publishes Bitch magazine, are currently accepting applications for our youth leadership council!


We started the Leadership Council as a way to engage and involve young people in Bitch Media and feminism--a group of people currently not as involved as many of our readers and followers, but crucial for the survival of our organization and the movement. As we continue to grow and expand our programming, the Leadership Council members will play a crucial role as fundraisers, community liaisons, spokespeople, and more. The Leadership Council is a program of Bitch Media, which publishes Bitch magazine, and one of a variety of ways fans and supporters can be involved in the future of this organization.

Leadership Council members are approximately between the ages of 17 and 25, actively involved in their communities, well-versed in both old- and new-school forms of social networking, and--above all--looking to bring their unique passions and skills to furthering the work of Bitch Media. If you fit the bill--or know someone who does--read more! Applications are due Dec. 1 and can be submitted as either a PDF or a Word document.

by Kjerstin Johnson
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Kjerstin Johnson is a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon. She is the former editor in chief of Bitch. She tweets at @kajerstin

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feminism + "leadership" = no go

When feminists fall into the discourse of hierarchical structures, the main concept of which is “leadership” (and especially “youth leadership”), then such a feminism is as close to emancipation as a fish is to hydrodynamics (to use this nice Lakatos’ analogy).



It's Necessary

It is critical for feminism to be appealing to younger generations as a "good thing" ... not the "bad thing" the mainstream media continuously shoves down the throats of the status quo ... in order for it to thrive in our current social and cultural state of disarray, and move forward. It will indeed be the up to younger generations to become involved in feminism's moving forward and as many of them as possible must be encouraged to. I wish you luck in fiinding the right candidates ... and I will spread the word to students I know that may be seriously interested in applying.

Is this open to women

Is this open to women outside of the United States?


That sounds fantastic! You'll be getting my application within the month.
Any idea how many people you'd like to have on the council? Or is it just that you'd like to have folks is as many communities as possible?

Also, good call on not just accepting US applicants. Canadians always get left out of the fun.


This is exciting! I had no idea this existed. I hope 16 isn't too young...

post-modernity only works if you pay attention

To the poster of the "feminism + 'leadership' = no go" comment:

Your critique is only valid contingent on a hierarchical definition of "leadership," which is inapplicable to this particular context anyway. You would know this if you'd actually paid attention to the job description instead of jumping to cut-and-paste critical analysis.

This particular definition of "leadership" has nothing to do with adopting an ideologically hegemonic subject position or hierarchical decision-making. It's simply a label to describe young people actively involved in engaging with and promoting the broader feminist project.

Thank you

Thank you, Evan, for such an articulate reply to "feminism + 'leadership' = no go." You captured my thoughts perfectly and expressed them more eloquently than I could have.

Oh no! It won't let me save

Oh no! It won't let me save information into the document. How should I send it? Can I use a Word document?

Response to Application...

Hey there!
I was wondering if it would be possible to find out around when you all will be deciding on Leadership Council positions?


When will people be alerted if they were chosen to be a part of the leadership council?

Please, just put us out of

Please, just put us out of our misery!

Hi! I was wondering when and

I was wondering when and how applicants would be notified of the decision. I applied last December and am eager to be a part of the Council!
Thank you!

The suspense is killing me!

The suspense is killing me!

Apply for the Bitch Youth Leadership Council! | Bitch Media

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