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Best Friends Forever is a Minneapolis-based band comprised of, you guessed it, best friends. Jessica Lee Seamans and Briana Jennifer Smith met when they were in fifth grade and have been playing in bands together for over a decade. They started out with a Smashing Pumpkins cover band, experimented with instrumental math rock, and then formed Best Friends Forever in 2003.

Best Friends Forever - Circus Song from If You Make It on Vimeo.

Seamans plays bass and sings, Smith plays guitar and keyboards and sings, and Joe Rand plays drums. Although Rand has not been with them since fifth grade, according to BFF, he "is fast becoming the best best friend". In honor of Seaman's and Smith's 14th year of friendship last year, all three of them ate "biscuits and gravy with broccoli at hard times at least three times a week to honor their commitment to healthy eating." Their devotion to their friendship paired with their playful antics make Best Friends Forever extremely lovable.

Best Friends Forever has a story that deserves to be celebrated. Their friendship in itself is pretty remarkable. Smith and Seamans have been making music together for years, despite the fact that their parents didn't think it would last. In an interview with Minnesota Public Radio a couple years ago, Seamans said:

Our parents were concerned and even irritated at how much time we were spending together, and my mom would always tell me about how her best friends, when she was my age... She wasn't friends with them in her 20s. I don't think she was saying it to be mean but I think she wanted to prepare me for that...And sometimes I think of this band as kind of this response to my mom saying that. I know we're still in our early 20s but we're going strong.

In addition to their longstanding friendship, this band is awesome because they made it past the many hurdles girls have to jump while learning to play music. In an interview with City Pages, Seamans speaks of her insecurities about making music as a teenage girl:

I remember thinking, I wish I was a boy because then I could write good lyrics. I didn't want to sing because I didn't want to have a high 'girl' voice that could be taken as sexual or feminine, so I was always hiding in the back, hunched in baggy clothes, not moving.

Yeas later, Best Friends Forever is making music and putting on shows that are catchy, hyper, and super fun. All the while, they're promoting strong female friendship and reminding their listeners that music is fun: "We don't have awesome amps, and sometimes we're not totally in tune, but our whole thing is more about performance".

It's hard not to enjoy a band that writes a love song about Abraham Lincoln (My Head in Front of Your Head; listen on their myspace) and a break-up song about Orlando Bloom (How BFF Breaks it Off with Movie Stars). Their songs tell quirky and laugh-out-loud stories. They also sing really heartfelt songs about their love for each other, their lives while on tour, and about their desire to keep making music and playing it live.

Best Friends Forever are on the tail end of a US-tour. If you're in Provo, Denver, or Minneapolis, be sure to catch them over one of the next few evenings (show listings here)! Otherwise, buy their CDs here.

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Midwest music!

Yay Twin Cities rock! I like how this band is all about being best friends. That cracks me up! But also makes me feel warm and fuzzy.


"biscuits and gravy with broccoli at hard times at least three times a week to honor their commitment to healthy eating." I assume they mean Hard Times Cafe, it's a pretty cool place:


Don't know if you want to capitalize it so it's easier for non-Twin Citians to understand that sentence.

Thanks for the info!

The cafe sounds great. I would love to have a 22-hour cooperatively-owned cafe serving vegetarian food where I live.

I took that quote directly from their myspace and read it as if they were going to be eating the biscuits and gravy with broccoli while feeling down. Good to know that's not the case.

I love them!

BFF is one of my very favorite bands. I think they're geniuses, and I love their attitude and their brilliance. That quote about Jess wishing she was a boy when she was a teenager is heart wrenching. Thanks for a great article.


one of the greater bands ive ever listened to. hope they keep at it and create more albums. i need it!

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