B-Word is seeking interns!

B-Word is seeking interns for summer 08 at our office located in Portland, OR.

Click here to find out more information!

And since this is the B-sides blog, I am going to make a shameless pitch for development/outreach intern applicants - what's more fun than helping Bitch stay in business by planning an art show/auction? By working with supporters/readers around the nation for our chapters and release parties? If you are a junkie for people, this is for you.

And if outreach isn't for you, we've got editorial, design and publishing internships available all year as well.



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Re: Bitch internships

Just sent in my application :D

YEAH! Thanks - we are

<p>YEAH! Thanks - we are looking forward to seeing it!</p><p>&nbsp;</p>

Bitch Internships

Me too! I sent mine in today from Chicago. It should be there by the end of next week. :D So exciting!

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