Backstreet's Back (Selling Plus-Size Skinny Jeans at Old Navy)!

Say what you will about Old Navy, its ad team knows their audience. They got the attention of late-twenty-early-thirtysomethings with a Blossom reunion, a 90210 reunion, and now they've brought America's Sweethearts: 1997 Edition to the small screen and crammed 'em inside of a boombox. That's right—Backstreet's Back!

screen shot of the backstreet boys from the Old Navy ad

The newest Old Navy ad features the Backstreet Boys and their hit song "Everybody." Because what better way to let consumers know that Old Navy skinny jeans come in more sizes than to have Brian, AJ, Nick, Howie, and Kevin sing about it? (You know you know their names too. Remember when we all went to see them in concert in 1999? Just me? Whatever, your loss.) Here's the ad:

The "Rockstar" jeans come in sizes 0 to 20, so while they might not be available in "all shapes and all sizes" as the ad claims, they are available in more sizes than lots of mainstream retailers carry. I'd like to think the Backstreet Boys had a hand in that. I can just imagine Kevin being all, "Make the jeans available in plus and petite sizes and THEN we'll talk about getting in that giant boombox!"

Now the real question: Which '90s group will Old Navy reunite next? Will the cast of Hey Dude push Western shirts? Or maybe Angela and Jordan from My So-Called Life will hawk oversized flannels? My money's on a Clarissa Explains It All leggings sale.

by Kelsey Wallace
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I saw them in 1999 too.

I saw them in 1999 too. You're not alone, friend! ~KTBSPA~

I saw BSB in October 1998 at

I saw BSB in October 1998 at the Rose Garden in Portland. I was a total 90s kid! ;)


I think that's the show I went to too! BSB, y'all.

Not to brag or anything, but

Not to brag or anything, but they played my high school in 1995.

i saw them then too. also,

i saw them then too.

also, old navy has jeans for various "shapes" but the "rockstar" jeans are only one of those shapes, so, i suppose their ads are a little misleading.

their jeans are cheap and usually crappy, but good on them for having larger than a size 11.


OMG you referenced Hey Dude. I totally squee you right now. I loved that show!

all shapes and sizes?

If you read the reviews of the Rock Star jeans online, you'll notice a trend. Everyone says that in order to fit in these jeans many have to go up 2-3 sizes. So if you're an actual size 18 or 20, as am I, you're SOL. The jeans are cute, just wish their sizing was realistic and, more importantly, consistent.

That's a shame because

That's a shame because normally I have to go down a size at Old Navy. I'm thinking I might as well go in and try on a few pairs to see how they fit me.

Isn't this the first "real" BSB reunion since one of them (Howie or AJ?) was missing from the NKOTB/BSB tour? I could be wrong about that, but love the commercial all the same!

I think the real question is

I think the real question is WHERE ARE THE SIZE 20 FOLK IN THE AD? I saw maybe two people who I would consider not petite, but certainly not plus size either.

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