Belated but big love to Lincoln

Did you know that Lincoln, Nebraska, was a hotbed of radical lesbian-feminism in the 1970s? 

I didn't until I had the pleasure of visiting there recently. And awesomely enough, the vibe is still there.  I had one of the most memorable nights I've had in a long time back at the very end of June, on the latest Bitch fundraising trip. 

(By the way, one thing about being on the road is that it becomes impossible to keep up with everything, so please forgive me when I post about things that happened weeks ago.)

I loved my night in Lincoln. It was a night of incredible queer slam poetry and music at the Box Awesome, beautifully organized by Amanda Smidt. So first and foremost, a huge thank you to Amanda; you are wonderful, and I wish you would move to Portland because you clearly have a skill for pulling off events seamlessly. 

I have no idea why Box Awesome is called Box Awesome, but thanks to them for opening up their lovely space for the cause of Bitch.  

And huge thanks to Desil Ervin, Kris Gandara, and Beth Gillespie (phos below, in order) for their incredible slam poetry.  I think I speak for everyone in the audience when I say we were all totally captivated... 




Oracle Jones


And the captivation continued when Catherine Balta, drummer and vocalist from Once Upon a Pawn, took the stage and graciously performed despite a nasty looking burn on her hand incurred earlier in the day.  You should check out her band when they come to your town (and read more about her here!).  


All of the photos were taken by yet another fantastic person i met -- Sarah Bredthauer, who has an equally fantastic grandma, Jeanne. Earlier in the day, both Sarah and Jeanne participated in the Feminism In/Action discussion, which I thought was pretty freakin' cool. 

Thanks again to everyone who came out to perform and support the work we're doing at Bitch. I hope to return to your lovely city again... 


by Debbie Rasmussen
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